About The Range


Creepin came around as we crept out of lockdown, inspiration came from looking back to skateboarding as a kid and getting excited about how it all started. It's a bold, spooky illustration that you'll find on our skate-inspired products like the Creeper Cruiser and Still Creepin' T-Shirt. As the name suggests, it's a creepy lookin' sketch, for the skater kids to go crazy in whether skating, biking or just chilling out.

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Since 1988, Saltrock’s designs have been produced in-house. Inspired by the coast, fun times, and the outdoors; all our designs are illustrated with love and passion at our base in North Devon. Using a range of techniques, our designers work hard to ensure the Saltrock heritage radiates through their work and into the fabrics of our clothing. Sea, sun, and sand are what we live for, so we chase that shoreline feeling with beach style in mind. From flip-flops and shorts to jackets and boards the Saltrock in-house design team delve deep into the world of textiles to provide our customers with top-choice clothing.