Meet Callie our Junior Brand Surf Ambassador, the latest member to join the Saltrock family.  From Scotland, Callie has been ripping up on her home breaks in cold water temperatures, since she was 7 years old.

Just turned 12, Callie demonstrates a natural flair and passion for surfing, already showing promising skills on beach breaks, point breaks, coral reefs, wake surf and working on the jet ski assists. The future is looking bright. 

We're stoked to have her on board and caught up with her after her recent trip to Santa Cruz, Portugal, where she competed in the European Junior Championships representing Scotland in the under 16 event which was a massive learning curve for her competing against the best talents in Europe at such a young age.   

Planned next for Callie is the Scottish Surfing Federation Junior Series events  the Scottish Junior National Championships in October and spending time with her surf mad family & friends, living the beach life and having fun. Watch this space……

Whereabouts in Scotland are you from/do you live?

I live in a town called Fraserburgh known as the “Broch”.  It’s situated in the Northeast of Scotland, about 40 miles from Aberdeen.  Fraserburgh has that small town vibe where everyone knows everyone, it’s really cool when out surfing as it’s not a crowd you surf with its more like a family.

Fraserburgh is the epicentre of The East Coast surf scene with a large hardcore crew of groms and big groms we call it “our broch surf club family”.

Many of Scotland’s top surfers are from this area (the town has produced 27 Scottish Surfing Champions, including me the junior under 16 girls champion) It’s pretty cool as we get to learn from the best! We have an epic surf club called the “Broch Surf Club” it brings all the groms and big groms together it’s a great scene to be around. Another club is the broch skate club, they have been fundraising for a new skate park and it finally opened this month - its sick!! So, when the surf is flat, we all head to skate.

Recently there’s a new surf school just opened its called Coast Surf Skate - they run lessons, and an after-school club when there’s waves, we are coached in water but when its flat we head to the skate park for surf skate practise. 

Where is your go-to surf spot?

Fraserburgh (my hometown) its literally a 5 min bike ride from my house, my brother and I bike down to check it daily – The main break is Fraserburgh beach it has a variety of waves along its length, the most famous wave is the Point. In the winter there are some pretty sick reef breaks around too (My Dad introduced me last winter to them, I can’t wait for this winter to try more).

How long have you been surfing for?

When I was like 2 years old my dad pushed me into a wave here In Scotland – he couldn’t wait to introduce me to the ocean, but at only 2 years old and not the right gear I was absolutely terrified and frozen ( I came out blue), he should have waited until we were somewhere exotic like Bali... Anyways lessons learnt and he tried me again at 7 years old in warmer climates on holiday- after that I was addicted. Lockdown was a huge part of me learning to surf, because there was no school there was no chasing daylight after school in winter and I used to time it perfectly and get the perfect tides every single day.

What/who made you get into surfing?

My Dad has surfed all his life, He then met my mum and his passion for surfing passed on to her, then their passion and love for surfing was passed on to me, then it was passed on to my little brother Kai – it’s like an infectious disease but an amazing one –its ridiculously addictive.

So, basically, we are a whole surfing family who love life in the ocean.

When did you first start competing?

Only last year 2021. The Scottish Surfing Federation run a junior series every year.  It’s basically 5 events across Scotland – I had the best year attending them all & meeting the most amazing friends. The highlight event last year was in Tiree - Blackhouse water sports held an event over on the Isle of Tiree, in the Hebrides ... its known as the Hawaii of Scotland, that says it all; unspoiled natural beauty with uncrowded waves, I’ll never forget that comp it was super fun.

Another highlight comp was last year at Sandend, Suds Surf School ran the Scottish Nationals Event I was only 11 years old at the time but decided to enter the under 16’s and under 18’s girls category. I couldn’t believe it I won the Scottish National Junior Under 16’s title, and I came 2nd in the Under 18’s. Sandend is another beautiful beach break; Suds from the local surf school is also the Junior Scottish Coach, he is awesome!

How do you feel about joining the Saltrock team?

I still can’t believe it – I am super happy, excited, and thankful for this epic opportunity. 

How did you hear about the Saltrock brand?

A few years ago, my Grandma gave me and my brother the cosiest fleeces for Christmas and they were Saltrock. after that we were hooked.

What does Saltrock mean to you?

My new surfing family – who believe in me and have given me this amazing opportunity that I still can’t believe is happening – thank you.

Where do you aim to get in surfing?

One day I would love to travel the world with surfing, meet really cool people, explore really cool places & make the best memories.

Who is your favourite surfer?

It has to be Erin Brooks – she’s such an inspiration to me. She absolutely charges in all conditions - she’s fearless and showing the world what young girls can achieve!! I have even had a few chats on Instagram messenger with her – she’s super nice and always replies!!

What’s the best spot you have ever surfed?

It has to be.......a secret, my dad might kill me if I name it, it’s our little secret Scottish uncrowded gem.

What do you like doing when you’re not surfing?

I love hanging with my friends & family – we often go cliff diving and pier jumping with the occasional TikTok dances.

A Sunday is pretty special to me also. My whole family (18 of us!!!) get together at my Nanna & Granda’s home for a beautiful Sunday roast it’s a great way to catch up and have quality family time – but when the surfs up its minus 4 people round the table.... hahaha! - thankfully they get it – when the surfs up you must go chase it!!!! Especially here in Scotland where we can have flat spells for weeks!

I also spend a lot of time at the skatepark – practising on my surf skate it’s the perfect tool to improve the key elements of surfing techniques when there’s no waves.