We’re proud to present the new Grumpy Surfer Podcast featuring Saltrock Ambassador Andrew Cotton!

Recorded on May 11th, 2021, at the Saltrock HQ in Braunton, we thought it was a great time to get an in depth look at what Cotty has been getting up to in Nazare. Adam from The Grumpy Surfer Podcast kindly offered to come along to the Saltrock HQ to pick Cotty’s brain about a range of topics, including a quick-fire round at the end!

Some surprising points were made in the guys’ discussion, particularly when Cotty spoke about what about surfing it was that he really loved… “It’s those days that go under the radar with good people that stick in your memory”. It’s interesting to hear how he thinks about the ‘big wave days’ as ‘work days’, which makes a lot of sense thinking about it now.

Another point that resonated with me is how Cotty said that he doesn’t want to be remembered for having huge wipe-outs, like the won he was awarded for, but rather for making the waves. “People love carnage” he said, which is more than true in this day and age.

The Grumpy Surfer Podcast

The Grumpy Surfer Podcast is a podcast run by Adam Lison, a Royal Marine based in Chivenor. His podcast has 49 episodes, dating back to July 2020. 

He's had on many respectable guests including Ross Thomson, one of Saltrock's original founders. 

"My name is Adz Lison and the host of The Grumpy Surfer Podcast. I am currently a serving Sargent in the Royal Marine Commandos, my present post is the Unit Physical training instructor at the Commando logistic Regiment in North Devon. I have been on numerous Kinetic Operational Tours in the Middle East over my career and had the honour of training Royal Marine recruits through commando training. I have been surfing for 26 years and originally from Birmingham. I started a podcast about surfing, grappling and military stories as I feel there are so many people that I have met, that have amazing stories and not necessarily have the platform to get it out there. So decided to teach myself about podcasting."

The Process

This was our first time organising a podcast interview here at Saltrock, which was a unique experience with a host of challenges. As we were working with limited space, we had to arrange one of the conference rooms into a room that looked appropriate and fit with our brand. Whether this was achieved or not I’ll leave for you to decide, but I think we did the best we could given the time and space limitations we had.

Going forward, we'd love to create more podcast episodes featuring ambassadors, designers and interesting people.