Saltrock is now in Worthing! - Saltrock

Saltrock is now in Worthing!

Welcome to the new Saltrock store in Worthing high-street – swing by and say hi! Our staff can’t wait to see you.

Where is Worthing?

Worthing is a seaside town in West Sussex that neighbours Brighton and Chichester.

Our new Saltrock store is located at 67 Montague Street, a popular high street with many urban stores making your trip worth-while. It’s a modernised area but still features metal arcades that retain its historical charm.

What’s it like in Worthing?

Worthing is a seaside town full of character that features a mixture of Victorian and Georgian architecture on cobbled streets. Home to the famous Warwick Lane, boutique shops are everywhere, just as nifty second-hand shops and cafes are too.

Need somewhere to stay? No problem! The Chatsworth and Burlington Hotels are just two of the many celebrated places to stay in Worthing that have developed fantastic reputations among those who choose to stay overnight. And if you're one for an evening of light entertainment, be sure to check out the pavilion theatre.

This hidden gem has a large pier that was once accessible by paddle-steam boat – and although it’s not anymore, you can still find your way there on a train or coach.

The town is jolly and proud, featuring many places to shop and hang out, with warm and welcoming residents. Worthing is a great place to bring the kids, with a giant sand pit called ‘Worthing Urban Beach’ for them to play in whilst parents can sit and relax. The town-centre is open-plan style with great opportunities for exploring and is social-distancing friendly.

Council-owned bikes are available for anyone wishing to use them to quickly dart around and check out the many shops dotted around, or even just to whizz around the pier.

The brand-new Worthing Observation Wheel (WOW) is also open for public access! From the Ferris-wheel inspired ride you can view the entirety of Worthing Pier... and if you look hard enough you might just see one of our stores!

Are there beaches in Worthing?

Worthing beach is the perfect place to set up a deck chair and enjoy the seascape view. The beach is the most well-known and frequently visited in the area. and the most well-known and well-visited of the beaches in this area. The main Worthing beach features a promenade with a variety of cafes, cafés, and restaurants, as well as restrooms. Swimming, fishing, wind surfing, and other water sports, as well as amusements and entertainment for the whole family, are all available locally.

The beach has been acknowledged by ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ as one of the cleanest in England, winning seaside awards in 2017 and 2018.

The water quality is also nothing to worry about as it has been rated as ‘Excellent’ by the Marine Conservation Society. So let go of your worries and have as much fun as you like. Click here to read the RNLI’s top beach safety tips.

The Store Fit-Out Process

The store fit-out process has been a long one, and after originally being scheduled to open on June 4th, the open date was pushed back to June 19th due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Why have we put a store in Worthing?

We have decided to put one of our stores in Worthing because of the charismatic seaside vibe of the town. Worthing and Saltrock are a great synergy. Our brand lives well in coastal destinations where our customers still have sand on their feet.

We are a local, family, fashion surf brand that delivers value and style for those customers that love the sea and outdoors as much as we do! We are very excited to be part of the Worthing family.

Find us at:

67 Montague St,
West Sussex,
BN11 3BN
Standard trading hours
Opening 3rd June 2021