For one day of year we can reflect on what it means to be a Mum and what it means to our children. 
We asked our lovely Ambassador Mum, Abs, what being a mother means to her and how she manages everything else in between! 

Tell us what’s moving in your world at the moment?

So, I feel I’m at a point of building new connections and relationships. Joining the Saltrock family has been an absolute blast so far. As a family it has encouraged us to open up our world to others more, whilst creating a platform for making special family memories. For International Women’s Day I hosted a beach fitness and dip session for all the local women and beyond, encouraging women to move, form new friendships and spend valuable ‘me time’ in nature.
The energy and buzz that comes with events like these is just magical! This next month is also about new beginnings as I am about to start an exciting new role as an event producer for Rogue Village.
Moving onto the next chapter of my little story, learning, growing, pushing boundaries and stepping out of my comfort zone in a safe and supported environment. Excited for where this journey takes me and the opportunities that it opens up!

Tell us a little about your motherhood journey

I have three awesome, bright and sparky kids. I’m from a big family so I knew I always wanted 3 kids! Skyla my eldest quite literally turned our world upside down and taught us what deep love truly is! However she didn’t sleep for the first eight months of her little life so it was a tough period that brings with it a rollercoaster of emotions. Nashy and me thought if it was this tough that we would have them all quite close together to get the lack of sleep out the way, ha-ha! So Hunter arrived 17 months later followed by Rocky!

The three of them have taught me new things about myself and about the world. I believe that becoming a mother has taught me to re-evaluate what is important to me. It's also taught me how precious life is and how to prioritise my time, grow as a person and to follow in my dreams.

There are so many things that I would like to show them and teach them and as they get older they are more inquisitive about the world, so its fun to appreciate the world through young eyes and bring the element of play back into our lives. The greatest pleasure is gained through sharing the simplest of experiences and being outside in nature with them.

Any wisdom on mum flow?

I learnt the hard way but it is important to stop putting other people’s health and happiness before your own, this includes the kids, husband, friends and family. Sleep and eat well! Get outdoors, move in nature where possible! Spend as much time as you can beside water! Rest where you can and create time to do things that fill you with joy as naturally you will bring that joy back into the family home…and the kids will thrive/want to copy.

How do you balance mum life, work and fun?

I'm lucky because my work is fun! It allows me to incorporate all my favourite things including fitness, surfing, sea swimming, bringing people together and making new connections/friendships and being surrounded by amazing, inspiring and beautiful likeminded people!
It is hard to juggle this at times around the kids, school, homework, playdates and extracurricular activities however being SUPER organised and ON IT makes all the difference. Mum guilt is a real thing and can get the better of you sometimes however, as I said before, when they see you thriving it only encourages them too.

Do you have anything planned for this Mother’s Day?

Skyla is a brilliant baker so I’m hoping she has baked up some goodies for us all to share for breakfast, she specialises in pancakes and fresh bread! She is very creative so she normally has painted or made me something. We will try to see some family for a walk, launch Cooper in the sea and this normally involves finding a little unique bakery or eatery by the coast. Maybe even some fish and chips by the sea watching the sunset over Longniddry Bay before settling in front of the fire for a movie and a snuggle!

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