North Devon Becomes 12th World Surfing Reserve

We’re delighted to see North Devon (the HQ of Saltrock) become the 12th World Surf Reserve; a special status that recognises an area’s outstanding quality surfing beaches and the unique natural beauty of its surroundings. North Devon Surf Reserve is the only cold water reserve in the world, covering a 30 mile stretch of coastline; and gives surfers a greater voice in key decision-making processes, helping protect such a diverse range of waves, forever.
This role also demonstrates how a collective of unique organisations and individuals can help improve the conservation of our coastline.

"If we don't have an environment to go out and play in, we don't have that release. The environment is what people use for blowing off steam. From taking your dog for a walk to jumping on a board... it's all a form of release." - Kate Ross-Smith, Saltrock Marketing Manager.

North Devon Surfer Kevin Cook, who championed the movement said: "We are about collaboration and taking existing good practice to keep an eye on what's going on and ensure that the future of north Devon is protected".