Top Ten Outdoor Summer Activities for Families

Family out on a walk outside

Step into the season of Summer! Summer is the perfect time to create unforgettable memories with the whole family through exciting outdoor activities.

Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or just looking for a little more excitement during your family time, we have got just the summer guide for you. Your holiday starts with Saltrock! We stock everything you need for the perfect adventure with the family.

How Do You Entertain Kids on Summer Holidays?

Entertaining kids during the summer holidays can be a fun and exciting. There are various ways to keep them entertained, such as planning outdoor activities, visiting local attractions, setting up summer challenges and little adventures to keep their minds active! Most of all we want them to have fun and give everything a go!

What Are Good Summer Activities for Kids?

There are plenty of unique summer activities for kids that involve the outdoors. Taking part in outdoor activities can promote various benefits, such as improvements in overall health, social interaction, cognitive development and educational opportunities, all while creating long-lasting connections with the family.

What Are Good Summer Activities for Kids?

Here are Tok’s top ten picks for outdoor activities to try out this Summer:

• Paddleboarding 
• Rock Pooling
• Camping
• Surfing
• Bodyboarding
• Beach Games
• Coastal Walks
• Skateboarding
• Wild water swimming
• Have a picnic.

Woman getting ready to paddleboard

Our sensational brand ambassador Abi with the Shockwave Stand Up Paddle Board in Turquoise


Our most-loved things to do together are adventuring outdoors! Paddleboarding is an excellent outdoor activity anyone can master! Paddleboarding combines balance, adventure and a sense of togetherness. You can explore endless tranquil lakes, peaceful rivers and calm seas! The world is your oyster with a paddle at your side!

If your child is new to paddleboarding, have them sit on the board while you manoeuvre them in a shallow area. By the age of five, kids should be able to stand and paddle on their own in shallow areas without the assistance of a parent.

Tok’s Top Tips for Your First SUP Outing

• Remember to wear life jackets as you head to the water. Take a look at safety tips from RNLI for more information.
• Take plenty of fluids, such as water, on your adventure.
• Invest in a drybag! A drybag an essential for paddleboarding, keeping your belongings dry.

Rock Pooling

Rock Pooling is a sensational activity that combines exploration, curiosity and wonders of marine life. This outdoor activity is ideal for families looking to connect with nature and the mysteries of the sea. You can encounter various sea creatures such as colourful starfish, crabs, tiny fish and loads of plant life.

Tok’s Top Tips for Rock Pooling

• It is important to handle the marine life gently and ensure you safely return them to their homes.
• Wear sensible footwear as the rocks can be harsh and uneven in places.
• Check for the tide times before you head on your adventure, you do not want the tide to sweep in under your feet.

Family sat watching the waves in a blanket

Our brand ambassador Janine and her family in Our comfy Yogi Camping Blanket


Perfect for the stargazers, camping is a timeless adventure that brings families closer together in the Summer. Camping can create unforgettable memories and provides an atmosphere of peace, allowing everyone to slow down, unwind and reconnect with one another.

This adventure empowers families to foster a sense of adventure and self-reliance while embracing the simplicity of outdoor living.

Tok’s Top Tips for Camping

• Please respect the environment by leaving the campsite or area where you found it.
• Research your camping destination before you check if it is child/ dog friendly.
• If allowed and safe, build your campfire responsibly.
• Pack the essentials, such as comfy clothes and waterproof shoes.

Young surfer walking to the beach

Our Brand Ambassador Callie Cruikshank taking to the waves.

Surfing and Bodyboarding

Get ready to make a splash and embrace the thrill of surfing and bodyboarding. These two types of watersports teach valuable life lessons such as perseverance, resilience and the importance of balance with every wave. Surfing provides a unique opportunity for families to connect with nature and learn an important new skill. If your child loves it, you never know.

You might have the next Andy Cotton making waves! Summer is just around the corner.

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Tok’s Top Tips for Surfing and Bodyboarding

• Practice the fundamentals before you hit the waves.
• If you are new to surfing or bodyboarding, source a surf club to help you learn.
• Understand the local surf conditions and sense out potential hazards.
• Always surf between the white and black flags when a lifeguard is present.
• Wear a proper fitting leash, rash vest and wetsuit.

Beach Games

It wouldn’t be a family holiday without any games! Beach games encourage a wide range of interactive experiences. Families can divide into teams, strategize and collaborate to win! Beach games offer a chance for laughter and pure joy in the sand.

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Tok’s Top Tips for Beach Games

• Consider wind and tide times before heading to the beach.
• Choose suitable games that suits all the family.
• Check for safety hazards before you start your games.
• Understand the sand can sometimes pose its own challenges.

Family on a coastal walk

Coastal Walks

Discover a peaceful adventure with various coastal walks! Coastal walks encourage cardiovascular health and are an excellent family outdoor activity. During a coastal walk, you can discover amazing views of the ocean, secret coves and learn about marine life. Coastal walks are the ideal setting for family bonding! Coastal paths such as the Southwest Coastal path is a great adventure that awaits!

Tok’s Top Tips for Coastal Walks

• Make sure to take the walk during daylight hours if you are walking near a cliff edge.
• Wear appropriate footwear when walking on uneven paths.
• Stay hydrated and take snacks with you.

Two children skateboarding


Showcase unique style and rad flair with the exciting activity of skateboarding. Skateboarding provides an opportunity for teamwork and mutual support and teaches valuable life lessons such as resilience, determination, personal growth and achievement. All you need is a board, a helmet and a dream!

Tok’s Top Tips for Skateboarding

• Wear protective gear such as a helmet, knee pads and elbow guards to reduce the risk of injury.
• Look for skate parks of designated areas for skateboarding.
• Those using skateparks for the first time can understand the skatepark etiquette and keep the culture of skateboarding rad!

Wild Water Swimming

Calling all daredevils within the family, wild water swimming is the perfect outdoor activity for anyone looking for an aquatic thrill. Whether it's a lake, river or ocean, the experience of swimming in the wild offers an immersive connection to nature. Wild water swimming offers a sense of adventure for all the family!

Tok’s Top Tips for Wild Water Swimming

• Assess the conditions of the water before taking a dip! You do not want to put yourself or others in danger.
• Wear appropriate gear such as a wetsuit to protect yourself from the elements.
• Familiarize yourself with safety tips and guidelines before you enter the       water.
•  Be considerate of nature, wildlife and the environment when swimming.

Family pitching a tent on the beach

Our brand ambassadors the Nashy Family setting up camp with our Canggu Pop Up Beach Tent

Have a Picnic

Perfect for a family of daydreamers, picnics are great for families wanting to take in natural surroundings and promote a chance to de-stress. Sharing meals strengthens family bonds and creates cherished memories. Disconnect from everyday life, soak in the sunlight, and make delightful memories on your picnic adventure.

Tok’s Top Tips for Having a Picnic

• Choose a location that is scenic and comfortable before setting up camp.
• Consider comfort, pack essentials such as pillow, blankets and towels to sit on.
• Dispose of trash and recycle where you can and respect the environment around you.
• Stay hydrated!

We hope to have inspired you to embark on outdoor adventures to create lasting memories and strengthen family connections. Make the most of Summer, explore new horizons and start your summer traditions that can last for generations to come! Shop our beach holiday collection today for all your beach essentials!