The Wave Project Talks  

How surf therapy is changing children and young peoples lives for the better. 

We're super excited to help The Wave Project bring their surf therapy to communities across the UK in a series of Talks.
Presented by founder and CEO Joe Taylor, these Talks aim to help people understand the unique power behind their surf therapy programmes, the impact they've had on children's and young people's lives in the last thirteen years and how they're planning to grow. 

1 in 6 children stuggle with emotional or mental issues. 

“The UK was in the grip of the pandemic as we entered 2021, with a national lockdown impacting on families across the country. The impact on children’s mental health was already starting to emerge, with spikes in reported symptoms of anxiety and depression among children from all ages and demographics."

 - Joe Taylor, Founder and CEO, The Wave Project

No child should suffer because they don't get the help they need.

The Wave Project has made siginicant changes to the well-being of young people's lives in the last thirteen years and are setting out their 4 year plan to help more young people at risk.

These community Talks aim to increase the understanding of how mentorship + surfing can build resileiance and trust.
And how you can support their mission.   

Where will we be

We're taking the Talks to 11 locations throughout the UK. When the free tickets go live, click on the area that you are interested in to find out more and book your FREE space.

  • Braunton 
  • Newquay
  • Bristol
  • Scotland 
  • London
  • Brighton & Hove 
  • Bournemouth
  • Isle of Wight 
  • Tynemouth
  • Scarborough
  • Portrush, NI