True Grit

Scottish surfing, rich with talent
Scottish waters can be gnarly, always cold but come with a sense of ‘surfing serenity’. If there’s one girl to stick it out, get her surf stoke, and just be happy just cruisin’, it's Callie Cruickshank. We met up with Callie and her family in June, on the beautiful shores of East Lothian. Since then, Callie has been competing in the Scottish Juniors and more recently this November, on the world stage at the ISA World Junior Championships. 
Callie competed in the Under 18's and in the U16's Girls' categories and after holding the second position, was just pipped to the post (0.87) in the last 50 seconds. 


Callie has been surfing since she was a wee nipper and under the amazing support of Broch Surf Club.

“The Broch Surf Club is great; it supports all the local Groms by running surf events locally and has helped us to get warm showers after cold surfs. They recently took me and 10 other local Groms to the Bristol Wave on a training trip which was amazing to surf there with all my friends.”

In between school, homework, skateboarding at her local skatepark, Callie spends the rest of her time surfing up on the north shores, packed into her 6mm wetsuit and for most of the time in boots, gloves, and a hood. These conditions aren’t for the faint-hearted.

Callie is part of the SSF team and is Under 14 Girls Scottish Champion and Scottish Junior Squad team member.

  • Stop 1 – Pease Bay, Dunbar = 1st Place Under 14 Girls
  • Stop 2 – Thurso / Dunnet = 1st Place Under 14 Girls
  • Stop 3 – Fraserburgh – early October ‘23
  • Stop 4 – Sandend, Moray – late October ‘23
  • Attending the ISA World Junior Surfing Championship (WJSC), taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 24 – December 3, 2023

“I don’t get too nervous in competitions because I don’t put any pressure on myself. My dad always says the best surfer is the one having the most fun so it’s a good mindset to have when competing. Of course, it feels amazing to win heat and events, but it’s not the most important part for me. If I’m performing at my best, I’m happy whatever the result.”

Callie is in a small group of female surfers in Scotland and has the chance to meet other female surfers across in UK when she competes, especially in Newquay where most comps are held in England. Though for Callie now, it’s about having fun, giving it her all and making friends.

“I love the surfing community and have many good friends now through the sport. Me and my brother Kai first did the Groms Search event in Newquay in 2021 with the aim to compete and meet similar Groms of our own ages. We did well in the event and met some really good friends who we keep in touch with and regularly meet up to shred & have the best times. Hopefully us Groms can all travel the world surfing in the future together when we grow up, that would be my dream.”