About The Range

Tiki Tok

Tiki Tok is an all-over print range that brings Saltrock to life in turquoise and peachy red. Whether you're sporting a Pop Hoody, Swimsuit, Bucket Hat or Aqua Shoes, this range is your one-stop-shop for the beach goer look this summer.

Meet the Designer


"Hey I’m Alex Blackburn, senior designer at SALTROCK. I joined Saltrock as a fresh faced youth, shortly after finishing my masters degree in design at Uni. After a few happy years working as a designer at head office, I spread my wings and travelled around the world, working for some amazing international brands and soaking up the different cultures, art and music.

Several years on I’m back at the Rock, with a heap of experience and knowledge, which I have been able to use across various design projects. Boardsports, art, music, pop culture and the environment all influence my designs, along with a real love of the North Devon coastline. I draw upon all of these inspirations when creating illustrations for tees, accessories or technical surf hardware. I'm always at my happiest either out on the ocean testing our new standup paddleboard and surf products, or pelting along a country trail on a prototype BMX.

We have a great team here at the Rock, forward thinking, full of energy, and they all totally live the brand. I’m excited about pushing our wetsuits to the next level for the new season, and adding new and innovative items to our range. Saltrock is such a unique brand...where else could you find a group of people with such a passion for surf and skate creating items they would actually use... plus with a mascot like our famous Tok, what's not to love? :)