Collection: Surfboards,Bodyboards & Skimboards

Whether you a surfer, bodyboarder or just wanting to have fun playing in the waves we have the board for you.


Grabbing a bodyboard is a great way to get in the water, whatever your age or ability. We stock 37” and 41” bodyboards for kids and adults alike, so the whole family can join in the fun! Each and every one of our Adults & Kids bodyboards has been designed by our in-house team with plenty of pop and personality. They also include a velcro leash so you don’t lose your body board in the surf. Our Saltrock bodyboards are strong, durable and are comfortable to lean on. With a great selection of bright colours and awesome graphic designs, we’re sure to have the best bodyboard for you and the kids. 

Remember to keep our beaches and please take your bodyboard home to reuse or recycle. You can recycle your Saltrock bodyboards for free at any of our stores and we will donate to our charity partner.


We have a selection of softboards, perfect for beginners who want to learn how to surf and enjoy the waves in a safer and more comfortable way. A Softboard is a type of surfboard that is made of soft foam material instead of the traditional hard fiberglass material. Softboards are ideal for novice surfers as they are more buoyant and stable in the water, making it easier to learn how to surf. 


Skimboarding is a fun and challenging sport, and we have the right boards for you. Our skimboards are made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and performance.