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The story behind this design all started on a warm day in isolation. Saltrock Designer Alex Blackburn was sat at his home desk, like any other normal working day. All of a sudden, out of nowhere a perculiar thought popped into his head... 'I fancy a cup of tea' he cheekily thought, so he proceeded to make his way into the kitchen to treat himself to one. The kettle boiled. The steam rose. And an insatiable thirst for a hot cup of english tea bubbled inside him to the point he couldn't help but pace around the room - every step heavier than the last. That was until, out the corner of his eye, Alex noticed something bizarre. His furry feline friend had made its way onto his computer keyboard, delicately stepping on the keys like it was trying to tell him something - something he needed to see. All thoughts of tea vanished from Alex's mind and he pounced over to his desk to capture the genius of his cat in action. And when he got there he saw something he never thought possible... the cat had spelled out across his screen 'Imagine the Purfect Wave'. Wasting not a second, Alex sprung into action and captured the mesmerising scene in the form of an awesome tattoo-style illustration that screams 'Saltrock'. And thus, the Purfect Wave design was born.

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Meet the Designer


Since 1988, Saltrock’s designs have been produced in-house. Inspired by the coast, fun times, and the outdoors; all our designs are illustrated with love and passion at our base in North Devon. Using a range of techniques, our designers work hard to ensure the Saltrock heritage radiates through their work and into the fabrics of our clothing. Sea, sun, and sand are what we live for, so we chase that shoreline feeling with beach style in mind. From flip-flops and shorts to jackets and boards the Saltrock in-house design team delve deep into the world of textiles to provide our customers with top-choice clothing.