Whistle-stop Christmas gift guide

No two surfers, skaters, skiers, sleepy heads or adventurous explorers are the same. And you want every gift you give to be a brilliant surprise they’ll love for years to come but time is getting on and you’re lost in a world of options. To help, Saltrock has brought together a glittering collection of fail-safe goodies to help simplify your Christmas shopping, and every item is guaranteed to tickle the fancy of all your Christmas chums, without a safe (but boring) voucher or a chocolate Santa in sight.


We catch 90 minutes fewer winks now than we did in 1920, so it's likely you know a sleepy someone who can’t wait to snuggle up and take a nap. The perfect gift for those who love cosy nights in, and snuggling up after a long day has got to be a set of super soft pjs, or a cosy warm hoody, so they can drift off to sleep, whether they’ve had a tough day at the office, or even if it's the first day of the Christmas holiday.


There’s hardly a chance to go for a jog, or even hit the gym when you’re busier than Mr. and Mrs. Claus when the elves have all got flu. If you know someone who’s always on the go, but struggles to get outdoors thanks to a demanding Christmas schedule, a pair of trackpants and a fleece inspired by wearable sport will remind them there’s only a few more weeks until sweet January freedom.


Feeling colder than the arctic can be a daily struggle for some, so pulling on a tightly woven, double thick and durable jumper that provides real warmth is akin to a Christmas miracle for these teeth chatterers! Our knitted pullovers and hoodies are the perfect protection against chilly winds, whether they're on a coastal ramble or mountaineering in the Peak District.


If there are two, three or even four or more kids under ten in your family, Christmas day could be a war zone of green-eyed monster toy theft and non-stop play fighting that can get a bit rough if no one intervenes! Woe betide you if one pile of presents is slightly larger than the other, because of course more presents are betrothed upon the favourite child(!). Mum and Dad, keep the peace with matching sets of fleece-lined hoodies and pjs. If they’re twinned from head to toe in Saltrock flexible and stretchy garb, the 2016’s Christmas photos will be the cutest yet (and they’ll have one less reason to wrestle their siblings!).


‘Morning!’ Walking the dog is as much of a social event as it is exercise, and with a 101 Dalmatians’ lead tangle almost inevitable at some point, looking well-turned out (with little effort) is top priority for the single and ready to mingle. A beanie and hoody is a great combination, so why not get your puppy love pal a timeless hoody that keeps out the icy morning dew on cross-country rambles with a Great Dane.You could add a classic Saltrock beanie to her collection too, so she can even turn-heads in cafe culture London, keeping warm whilst tucking a miniature Dachshund sweetly under her arm. 


“Bear Grylls? Ray Mears? Pfft. Amateurs at best!” This outdoors man - who's’ well versed in lighting fires, pitching tents and cooking beans on a camping stove - knows Pen Y Fan and even the Camel Trail like the back of his hand. You name it, he’s cycled, climbed or walked it! Yes, his know-it-allness can sometimes be annoying, but you’d like to make sure he’s packing the best of the best kit to keep him warm and safe, should the compass go missing! These Surfanic Jackets (best paired with a Saltrock woollen beanie!) ticks the boxes so he can show off, look cool and crack on with the next adventure.