Welcome to the Saltrock Team Claire Smail!

We’re thrilled to welcome a new Ambassador to the Saltrock team.

Claire Smail is the current British Women’s Longboarding Champion, a title she has held for four years in a row. She also competed as part of the British team at the World Championships in Peru. She lives in North Devon and loves nothing more than an uncrowded wave and cruisy waves with friends.


Claire didn’t start surfing until she was 16 which these days is quite late, and which shows it’s never too late to fall in love with a sport. Her Dad took her to their local beach and she never looked back.

“I was so lucky that my Dad was a surfer,” Claire explains. “He was a brilliant teacher and being in the sea together was fantastic.”

“Surfing was so easy to fall in love with,” she explains. “From the first time I paddled out I was hooked. I knew it would change my life. Every surf brings different experiences, different challenges and there is no better way to be healthy and happy. No two days are ever the same in the sea.”

When Claire’s not in the sea she works as a teacher in a local senior school, teaching practical and creative skills including textiles and cookery. She has built her lifestyle around her love of waves, and working in education not only gives her loads of career satisfaction but also gives her holiday time to surf and to travel to explore new waves.

Claire is very talented and driven and is living her dream; she is also super modest, friendly and down to earth which makes her the perfect Saltrock Ambassador.

Watch Claire in our recent film OfficEscape which was shortlisted in the London Surf Film Festival’s 2015 Shorties Competition.  


You can find out more about Claire in her Ambassador profile here.