Travel, sleep and good deeds! Jenna Goddard’s New Year Resolutions

Saltrock Ambassador and climbing inspiration Jenna Goddard has had an action-packed 2015 full of change and new challenges and has demonstrated that if you're willing to work hard and stay committed, your dreams really can come true.
We grabbed a few minutes with Jenna to catch up on what she's achieved this year and what exciting new adventures 2016 will bring.
What are your best memories from 2015?
My sponsorship with Saltrock, hands down this has been the highlight of my year! It was like having a huge pat-on-the-back, that I should carry on following my heart and doing the things I enjoy.
I wouldn't be able to live this lifestyle without the support from Saltrock, The Quay Climbing Centre and A Mind 4 Adventure. 2015 has been a remarkable year for support which I am extremely grateful for, allowing me to reduce the number of hours I work so I can train for longer. This year has been a big step forward for me!
What goals did you set for 2015 that you smashed?
To climb 7c indoors, I started working on a particular route that was the perfect challenge for me, big powerful moves slightly overhanging with a relentless finish that really pushed my power endurance. It was a great experience for me to practising red pointing, a valuable skill to use for climbing outdoors which I needed to learn.
What did you try for the first time in 2015?
Breaking through into climbing outdoors has been a huge result for me this year. It was always something I knew I should be doing but I just didn't enjoy it, I only ever wanted to climb indoors. Towards the end of the year in August I tried again by heading out to Cheddar Gorge and something had changed, I had a great time and finally found my passion for outdoor climbing. Now it’s nearly all I think about!!
Any goals you didn’t quite hit that you plan to smash in 2016?
Once I started climbing outdoors I was really keen to climb an 8a route, a grade every climber would love to get to. I left it too late in the year to achieve but I’m starting early in 2016 with a trip to Spain already booked and purely focused on sport climbing.
Which places did you visit in 2015 that you would recommend Saltrock fans visit ASAP?
If you haven't been before head towards Cheddar Gorge, one of the UK’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. On a dry day you should be able to witness rock climbing in action as there are plenty of areas to climb right by the road side.
What are your New Year resolutions?
Travel, sleep and good deeds! 
This year will be the year of adventure - I am in a much better position than last year so I plan to make the most of that. 
Staying well hydrated and getting to bed on time are top priorities, I'm a night owl who only drinks like a fish when I train!
Also something I’ve been working on lately is a good deed - whether it’s just lightening the load for someone else, a little help can go a long way. I’d like to try and spread this through 2016.
What hopes / dreams do you have for 2016?
Honestly, I think 2015 has laid the groundwork for finding the balance between working enough to pay bills and having enough time and money to do what I love. The dream is always the balance, so hopefully I have finally nailed it and this year can be more relaxing!
What are you looking forward to most this year?
It’s all about the adventures, spontaneity and travelling vibe, and sharing these experiences with some really awesome people! 
I’ve always found that I perform the best when I am completely engrossed in the moment.
Are there any countries you plan to visit in 2016?
Already have a sport climbing trip booked to Spain 7th to the 16th. I plan to visit many of the top climbing destinations in Europe throughout 2016.
What will you try for the first time next year?
I’d like to do an Obstacle Challenge Race next year, good old muddy fun!