Top 10 Summer Tech

Whatever your outdoor hobby or sport is, there is a range of technology to help you reach your goals, predict the conditions, make the conditions more bearable or just add a bit of comfort to your fun! Saltrock Ambassador Andrew Cotton knows this well - he uses satelite technology, as well as the help of oceanographers and weather experts to find the best swells and previously undiscovered surf spots! 
Turn it up to 10 with this rundown of the ultimate summer gadgets to keep your outdoor life on the cutting edge…

Trace Action Sports tracker

Tech is seeping into every area of our lives, and it’s not just mainstream sports that are attracting tracker attention. Trace sets about recording your sessions with a puck like device that sticks to you snow, surf or skate board, and in combination with the app keeps track of your stats so you can go back over everything. It’ll also auto-edit your GoPro footage by tagging your footage highlights and overlaying them with stat info highlights. Amazingly cool stuff!


Thuraya SatSleeve

OK, this is pretty out there, but if you’re serious about getting lost on your adventures with your bike or board then you’re going to also need to get serious about your communication too. This isn’t cheap, but that’s because it turns your iPhone into a satellite phone! If you’re the sort of person who likes to go off piste at every opportunity then this is for you.


Luci Outdoor Solar Lamp

Charges easily through the day and perfect for a tent, plus it’s super light and so easy to carry around to beach BBQs or to light your way to the campsite shower block.


Petzl Tikka RXP head torch

This hugely impressive head torch is not only super bright but also lasts for a great amount of time. It even has a Reactive Lighting system built-in so that the multi-beam headlamp adjusts brightness and beam pattern by itself, depending on where you are, leaving you to do what you need to. Talk about ruling the campsite with gadget cool!


GoPro Hero5 Black

For anyone that likes to get properly wet, this is the GoPro you need. It’s perfect for capturing your big air – or big bail outs – in awesome 4K at 30fps. Its waterproof to 10m, so you don’t get the fear while you’re in the water (well, at least not about soaking your tech!). This is the highest performing product in the range, and even has touch display to preview and play back your shots, as well as Voice Control, so GoPro or go home.


Flexdex Lighted Skateboard

Just in case you didn’t already know, everything looks cooler with LEDs! This range of lit skateboards from Flexdex is the epitome of cool, making it perfect for cruising the summer asphalt. It’s also a lot easier to find when you stall on a stone and lose your board under a car…


Fitbit Charge HR

Fitness trackers are becoming a normal part of everyday lives, and if you want one that’s subtly cool but jam packed with features then the Charge HR is it. There’s a litany of info available on your wrist such as heart rate, steps, stairs and calories burned, with even more info available via the brilliant app. Be warned though, as soon as you get into this you’ll be wanting the Fitbit Aria scales to go along with it too!


Osprey Atmos AG 65 backpack

If you want to be the person out there with the most high tech backpack, then this is a great place to start. With a webbed support system it spreads the weight of heavy loads to more places than just your shoulders, meaning you can carry more.


JAQ Fuel Charger

Although not out yet, this product was too cool not to share! JAQ is the third Fuel Cell charger created by MyFC, and uses a combination of salt and water in a powercard to create energy to charge your phone or other device. Although a chemical reaction within a charger sounds a bit worrying, it's been fully tested and passed all health and safety tests, and MyFC are aiming for it to be available later on this year.


Biolite Camp Stove

This also creates electricity for you to charge your devices from, only it works by burning biomass – sticks, twigs, dry leaves and so on – which is much better than needing to find a gas canister. So it’s great for camping, and you can cook your meals and boil a kettle on it too.