Top 10 loves (and some hates) about the clocks going forward

The clocks spring forward this weekend, so here at Saltrock HQ we’ve collected our favourite things about the change to ease you into British Summer Time. It turns out not everyone’s a fan, so we’ve added a few of our least favourite too…

Here are our top 10 favourite things:

10. It marks the end of winter and the beginning of SUMMER! 

9. You get that extra hour at the end of the day that you always wish for

8. It doesn’t matter if you forget to take your bike lights to work            

7. The kids can play outside after tea again, so they are all worn out and ready for bed!

6. Those late night sunsets

5. Surfing under the moon as the sun sets

4. For ages it feels like you’re being naughty and leaving work early

3. You can actually do things after work again, whether its a beach walk, an evening run, or catching up with friends.

2. Long evening bbqs on the beach aren’t far away

1. After work surfs are back!

Did we get your favourite thing?  Let us know if we missed any.


And just in case the change in the clocks leaves you feeling grumpy, you’re not alone! Here are our most common grumbles….

5. The kids point blank refuse to go to sleep when its still light outside

4. It feels loads earlier than it is, so going to bed far too late sneaks up on you

3. Getting up in the dark again is so much harder

2. There’s plenty of daylight left after work so there’s no excuse not to exercise anymore

1. Losing an hour in bed!

But whichever side you take we should enjoy it while it lasts, because come October those long evenings curled up under a blanket will be back so everyone’s happy sometime! 

Don’t forget to change your clocks on Sunday!