Tokolate And Ice Cream Sundae: The Perfect Summer Treat

By Claire Smail


Mint Dark Tokolate and Strawberries Ice-cream Sundae

It’s a sunny Sunday with absolutely no surf in sight but I’m not worried as Saltrock in partnership with Kernow Chocolate have, this summer, launched two new flavours of Tokolate chocolate; Eton Mess White Chocolate and Mint Dark Chocolate.  Inspired by the rich and velvety mint dark chocolate I thought what else could I do on a flat Sunday but make the best ice cream Sundae ever! 

To make a batch of Mint Dark Tokolate Ice-cream you will need:

50g Mint Dark Chocolate Tokolate

50g Dark Chocolate (80%)

300ml full fat milk

85g caster sugar

3 egg yokes

300ml double dream


How to make:

Making homemade ice-cream without a domestic ice-cream maker is not as tricky as you might think; you are basically making flavoured custard that you then freeze. You do need a little bit of patience at the freezing stage but it is totally worth it in the end.

Firstly, break up the chocolate and place in a pan with the milk. Slowly heat the milk until the chocolate has melted. Keep stirring until you have a smooth chocolate milk mixture (don’t let it boil) then remove from the heat and leave to cool. 

Separate the egg yolks (I kept the egg whites and used them to make some mini meringue nests) and whisk them up with the sugar until they become pale and creamy looking.

Check the chocolate milk mixture has cooled slightly (enough to be only warm to touch) as you do not want to scramble your egg mix. Once sure, add the chocolate milk to the eggs and sugar and mixture together before straining back into the pan.  I chose to use a jam strainer but you could use a sieve (this will just make sure no chocolate chunks remain).

You now need to cook the chocolate custard mixture over a low heat and stir it continuously. Keep going until the custard has thickened and no longer just runs straight off the spoon (do not allow it to boil).

Pour into a mixing bowl and leave to cool.  While it is cooling you can whip the cream until it forms soft-peaks.

Once the custard is cool to touch you can carefully fold in the whipped cream being careful to not knock out all the air from the cream but still successfully combine fully with the custard.

Spoon into a container suitable for the freezer (I always make sure the container is only half full as this will make stirring it easier).

Now to make this into ice-cream! Normally an ice-cream machine will freeze the mixture and stir it at the same time so that no large ice crystals can form in the mixture which would make the ice-cream lumpy.  What you have to do if you do not have a machine is take the ice-cream out after the first hour of freezing and stir it thoroughly (so breaking up the ice crystals that have begun to form). Put it back in the freezer and repeat again twice more after 30 minutes of freezing.


A quick Chocolate Brownie


You will need:

 4 tbsp. self-rising flour

1 tbsp. coco powder

3 tbsp. light brown caster sugar

2 tbsp. butter/margarine

3 tbsp. milk

1 mug


How to make:

In a jug cream together the butter and sugar until pale and creamy. Then gently mix in the remaining mixture until you have a smooth brownie batter.

Spoon the mixture into the mug and cook in the microwave. I cooked mine for about a minute and a half until the mixture had risen to the top of the mug.

Take out the microwave and leave to cool.


Now It's Time For The Sundae...


You will need:

2-3 scoops Mint Dark Tokolate homemade ice-cream

1 chocolate mug-brownie

25g Mint Dark Tokolate chopped into chunks

2tbsp whipped double cream or ‘squirty’ cream

3-4 sliced strawberries


How to make:

Get the homemade ice-cream out of the freezer and let it throw until it is easy to spoon out of the tub.

Remove the brownie from the mug (I found it easiest to spoon it out) and cut it into bite sized chunks. Place the brownie chunks in the bottom of the glass of your choice. Layer the ice-cream on top and then the sliced strawberries.

Next I sprinkle on the Tokolate chunks and finish up with the whipped cream.


Time to tuck in and enjoy!