Super-Fast Delivery Service to the USA, get more Saltrock for your Dollar

Saltrock has recently started delivering to the USA and Canada with a new super-fast delivery service!

Working with DHL, we are now able to offer a Next Day Delivery to New York (if ordered before 5pm GMT Mon-Thurs), which, considering there are over 3300 miles between North Devon and New York, is no mean feat.

It would take us 10 hours and about £500 on a plane, so the fact we can offer next day delivery for only $9.99 is quite incredible, and with the US Dollar to British Pound exchange rate being so favourable, you can buy a lot more Saltrock for your Dollars.

We tracked a recent delivery to the USA - the package left our warehouse in North Devon at 2pm, and was received by the customer by 11.30am the next day in Brooklyn, New York.

Considering this parcel had passed through 7 different processing centres, in 3 different countries in order to get to Brooklyn, an overall time of 21 and a half hours is pretty impressive.

We offer standard delivery to the USA and Canada for only $9.99, with the item being delivered within 2-3 days (if ordered before 5pm GMT), which is similar to the time it takes for parcels to be delivered by Royal Mail in the UK, only these parcels travel across the Atlantic Ocean.


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