Springtime in North Devon – 10 signs that spring’s on its way

Winter can seem pretty never-ending sometimes, but when the cloud finally does begin to lift it doesn’t take long to remember that there really is nowhere better than Devon in the springtime...

Here are 10 signs that spring is on its way!

-          You think you’ve overslept every morning because it’s not pitch black when you wake up

-          You start daydreaming about road trips

-          You don’t need the lights on all day

-          Cafes and restaurants have begun to open their outdoor seating again so you can relax in the sunshine

-          You start seeing brightly coloured flowers like yellow daffodils and bluebells growing outside again

-         The weather can't make up its mind, its freezing cold one day and warm the next, you're either wearing just a t-shirt or are wrapped up in a hoodie!

-          Its still light when you go home and you feel like you’re sneaking off early

-          There’s just enough time for a cheeky surf after work again

-          You start to see and hear more nature - birds, bees and butterflies begin to appear, and you get to explore nature with the kids 

-          Salad seems like real food again, you don't feel like you need a big hearty stew to keep warm!