Spreading Happiness...the Saltrock way

As the US Declaration of Independence states, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” are unalienable rights; everyone has the right to try and find happiness. The challenge, it would seem, is achieving this aim. With studies showing that only around a third of the UK population are “happy with their lives”, that leaves around two in three of us for whom happiness is still elusive. So how can we be happier? And perhaps as importantly, how can we help others to be happier? At Saltrock we care about happiness: our own and that of our customers. With the International Day of Happiness (March 20th)  upon us, we discover what the ingredients for happiness are and tell you what we’re doing to try and spread a little happiness where we can.


What are the ingredients for happiness?

According to Action for Happiness, there are ten behaviours which are generally found to promote happiness. These are:

- helping others

- live mindfully

- cultivate positive relationships with people

- care for yourself

- learning new things

- have goals to aim for

- learn how to overcome disappointment

- look for the positives

- be part of a community

- be comfortable in your own skin


Taking a look at these behaviours, what struck us is how many of them are part and parcel of the Saltrock way of life. With our emphasis on enjoying the outdoors, staying active and family time, we recognise that our values chime with ways of living that promote happiness.


Helping others is one of our core values

Here at Saltrock we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional level of customer care at every stage of your shopping experience. From ensuring our ordering system is as quick and convenient as we can make it through to making sure our knowledgeable, friendly team is on hand to assist with product queries and recommendations, we do whatever we can to give our customers more.


Welcoming you to the Saltrock community

When you shop with us here at Saltrock, you are also joining a friendly community that shares many of your values. Take a look at our site and social media to find posts about anything from recipes and home made gift ideas through to family holiday suggestions, style tips and much more. Celebrating the outdoors, particularly along our beautiful stretch of the Devon coastline, Saltrock promotes many of the values which lead to a happier life.


Care for yourself through nature

Many people find being outdoors beneficial to both their physical and mental health. Whether it’s enjoying a simple walk through beautiful scenery, experiencing the exhilaration of the surf or trying to beat the kids at a game of beach volleyball, the coastline presents many different opportunities for self care. Not only is being active a great mood enhancer, being close to nature is a soothing, healing experience. With Saltrock clothing, you’re always dressed to suit the weather, enabling you to enjoy a little self care in the great outdoors whenever you wish.


Have goals to aim for and the drive to learn new things

Almost everyone who’s active has goals: whether it’s to walk longer, faster or more frequently, surf harder or just make sure that every day has some movement in it. In many ways it’s not the goals which matter, it’s the journey. Each of the steps taken to reach a goal may be a new thing to learn. It’s amazing what can be achieved simply by doing a little more each day. Here at Saltrock, our goal is to give our customers the clothes they need to live how they wish, providing comfortable, practical garments that rock the surfing vibe!


Passionate about relationships

Few relationships are as satisfying as those we have with our families. A strong family unit can be the bedrock of happiness. One of the best ways of helping the family unit stay strong is spending quality time together, doing activities that everyone enjoys. That’s why a day at the beach or exploring the outdoors is such a positive experience on so many levels, particularly if it’s time spent with the whole family. With the right clothes, any day can be beach day. Take a look at our ideas for outdoor trips and pastimes for the cooler months, as well our great selection of warmer gear that’s just the thing for staying warm and cosy when the thermometer plummets. No matter what the time of year, family time is one of they keys to happiness.


Be proud of who you are!

United by a love of the outdoors and recognising the value of family time spent by the sea or on the hill, we find our Saltrock customers to be an amazing group of people. Away from the frenetic urban lifestyle that can be so damaging, individuals have the chance to live authentically, being true to their core values. We love the way in which the outdoor lifestyle allows people to be themselves, comfortable with their pastimes and decision to embrace a simpler, more rewarding way of spending their leisure hours.


Saltrock is all about spreading happiness where we can, hopefully helping the people we come in contact with to be happier, no matter what form that may take. As the International Day of Happiness approaches, we hope that you will take a few minutes to reflect on your own life and look at the changes you might make to become even happier. Even small lifestyle alterations can make a really big difference to happiness over time. Start making those little changes now and who knows where they might lead?