The UK is beautiful at this time of year, with natural wonders springing to life everywhere you look. We'd all rather be out at sea or hiking up hills than sat behind a desk - the story of our lives! So to remind ourselves that there is life beyond spreadsheets, water coolers and the daily commute, we made a film called ‘OfficEscape’. All we wanted was to shake off the sleepy and fed up feeling we’re prone to as the days get shorter and chillier, and that adventures are just around the bay if you can embrace a little bit of rain. But our modest film about getting outside has achieved much more than we could’ve hoped for.

‘OfficEsape’ features Saltrock friends, soul surfer Katie Clarke and newly crowned Longboard champion Claire Smail (well done, Claire!). While we intended to bring a little summer #saltrocksoul to our community, the film also caught the eye of some outdoor film buffs. We’re stoked to announce that ‘OfficEscape’ has been shortlisted for the London Surf / Film Festival 2015’s Shorties Award category.

The Shorties are one of the most prestigious short film competitions for international surf filmmakers, so we are honoured to be shortlisted. We had the help of filmmaker extraordinaire Simon Cotter, who is often found recording sunsets and waves around the country. He helped us stay true to our British beach heritage, and achieve our dream of celebrating the beauty of North Devon, great female surfers, and those magical moments at the coast. If you’re trapped at work, longing for a holiday or looking for an adventure and an escape, press play and get washed away in the natural wonders of the UK’s coast line – we promise you won’t be disappointed.

The London Surf Film Festival will be splashing itself all over London, taking place on 16-17 October at the East End’s independent cinema, The Genesis, and over 23-24 October at the Regent Street Cinema in W1. It is set to be more vibrant than ever in its fifth year, boasting Q&As, live music, exhibition, screenings and lots of like-minded people! Please tell us what you think of the film (and even if you have any ideas for what we could do next!)

If you feel inspired, why not get out there for an adventure of your own? We’re championing everyone to get outside and relish the outdoors. If you’re itching to rove around the countryside, leap into the sea and have fun with your friends and family in the outdoors, share your #SaltrockSoul with us here for the chance to win a jet ski ride with big wave surfer Andrew Cotton.