Saltrock Sounds – Playlists we love

If you know the Saltrock story, then you’ll know that a lifestyle inspired by the beach is at the heart of what we call SaltrockSoul. Having travelled far and wide across the globe, Angus and Ross spent many hours road tripping, listening to their favourite tracks, searching out the perfect wave. We wanted to create and share with you a soundtrack to Saltrock Soul, a playlist full of songs that are perfect if you’re on your way out for a surf, a ride on a mountain bike, or even just a family walk in the woods.

The essence of Devon and Cornwall, from the beaches and countryside, to the relaxed vibe and friendly atmosphere, has influenced many musicians and artists, from our Saltrock surf T-shirts to some of the UK’s best-loved musicians. With this in mind, we have also created a playlist dedicated to showcasing the very best homegrown talent.

We hope you enjoy listening to these playlists as much as we enjoyed compiling them. If you liked the playlists, please share the love on social media! 



Saltrock soul is our mantra, is the spirit we put into all of our designs, from our hoodies to our surfboards. So, to capture the essence of SaltrockSoul in a playlist, we asked our brand ambassadors to choose tracks that take them back to a happy memory or a time that reminds them of their passion

Here’s the full track list with the memories behind each song:

Ross Thompson (Founder and Creative Director of Saltrock)

These songs were part of the go-to music on our surf mission up and down the coast of South Africa. Back when we didn’t have a care in the world and all we were doing was searching the perfect point breaks, getting barrelled and goofing around - good times!

  • DEVO, Whip It
  • Talking Heads, Burning Down the House
  • Jimmi Hendrix, Voodoo Child

Andrei Burton – Pro Mountain Biker

  • Lindsey Stirling, Elements - I love this mix of Violin and modern music. It’s relaxing yet motivating at the same time. It also takes me back to 2013, which was one of my best years.
  • Eminem, Rap God – I’m just really into this track at the moment! I like a lot of his stuff and I listen to a lot of his music whilst I’m training.
  • Linkin Park, Nobody’s Listening – I suppose this is a bit old now, but it’s still a great tune! This song reminds me of when I was in Russia a couple of years ago when I made this really fun video:

Andrew ‘Cotty’ Cotton – Big Wave Surfer

  • Ben Howard, Black Flies – This takes me back to my trip to Nazaré in Portugal.
  • Reef, Consideration – I love this song because it reminds me of my wedding.
  • She Said, Plan B – I love to belt out this song (badly) in the car when I’m driving home!

Jenna Goddard –Climber & Nutritionist

  • Kaleo, Way Down We Go - I love listening to this track when I'm training, it turns my mind off and makes my body dig deep and fight hard.
  • Nina Simone, Feeling Good – This song reminds me of road-tripping… Stepping out of the car on a glorious day with stunning views on the edge of an adventure. 
  • alt-J, Something Good - This is another track where my body just takes over and controls all movements. For me climbing is not about the end result but is all about how we move in and out of positions.

Claire Smail – British Longboarding Champ

  • Paul Simon, Slip Slidin’ Away – This song reminds me of my parents as it’s one of their favourites.
  • Jack Johnson, Sitting Waiting Wishing – This is one of the very first songs that I associate with surfing as we had this CD in the car the first year I learnt to surf.


Our Favourite Homegrown Talent

These bands have all been influenced by the beautiful coastline, and we caught up with them to ask them how important their roots are in creating their unique sound. So, sit back, turn the volume up, and give our playlists a listen right here or follow us on Spotify for even more. 

3 Daft Monkeys 

Hailing from Cornwall, the 3 Daft Monkeys crew are a firm favourite on the local festival scene. Influences to their music come from all over the world, but Tim let us in on what makes Cornwall such a special muse for their unique sound:

"There's a really creative vibe in Cornwall that is totally free and unique. We gain our inspiration and ideas whilst walking the rugged north Cornish coast and submerging ourselves in the wild Atlantic sea.”

A Boy Called Man

The absolutely lovely lads from folk four-piece A Boy Called Man suggested their song ‘Sunshine’ for our playlist. Sunshine, along with Sundown, and Sailor (video below) are all songs that remind the guys of Devon, and the local area has clearly had a great influence on their music which we found out when we chatted to Christian from the band:

“If I had never moved to North Devon I would have never written this music. It's the most special place. The landscape is beautiful and breath-taking, the lifestyle is one of surf, local pubs and music and the people I have met are the most laid back and friendly you could ever wish to hang out with.”

Like the guys on Facebook here

Adam Isaac

Readers from further afield may recognise Adam Isaac from his stint on BBC’s The Voice, but if you are a local reader then you will almost certainly know Adam as one of the headliners of the South West music scene. Born and raised in Devon and Cornwall, Adam loves and lives in the West country and it has, of course, had an influence on his music. To keep up to date with Adam’s latest live performances, check out his Facebook page.​


Andrew Vanstone

Cornwall-based Andrew Vanstone’s music is a mix of beautifully honest lyrics and soulful melodies. Likened to Charlie Simpson’s sound and reminiscent of Morrissey, we can’t get enough of his music.

“I was very lucky to be born in this area. How could you not be inspired by the amazing beaches, the winding roads and secluded harbours?

I actually came up with the melody of Don't Let Me Down while I was at Clovelly Harbour, so every time I hear it and play it, it creates quite a nice scene in my head!”

Andrew’s first two EPs are available for free on his Bandcamp, get them here.



Auction for the Promise Club

It’s been a great year for this fab three-piece from Cornwall, where they have opened the main stages at massive festivals Boardmasters and Leopallooza.

You may recognise their sound from Radio 1 on Huw Stephens’ show, or perhaps from our short film of the Croyde View Festival, where we used the gorgeous song ‘Walk the Line’.

“Our coastal roots have a big influence on the band’s music, the energy of big storms, crashing waves along with peacefulness of tranquil seas and more gentle situations, hopefully that comes across in some of the songs.”

Auction for the Promise Club has one more release coming out this year (following Cut So Close and This May Hurt) and a debut album coming out in 2017. And with support from MTV Hive, Rolling Stone, Classic Rock, NME Radio, XFM and more, they are certainly one to watch! 


Bethan Funning 


With such pure talent and beautiful lyrics, it’s hard to believe that Bethan Funning is only 18. Her music is a gorgeous mix of her light-hearted musings on life (and tea) coupled with poignant observations on love and faith.

When we chatted, we asked Bethan about her musical influences and whether the North Devon scenery is a source of inspiration to her:

“North Devon is so wildly beautiful, that you can't help but be influenced by it, if looking at this place doesn't make you want to write beautiful words and sing beautiful melodies I don't know what will!!”

Bethan’s debut album Stop the Clocks is available on Spotify now.

Flamin' Ratrods

This North-Devon based Rockabilly band are full of fun and energy. Their music is best enjoyed live so you can go wild and leap about to the rock sound! The fact that the band’s album was recorded in a wooden hut in the middle of nowhere shows the essence of their genuine and no-gimmicks style.

Kev from the band hailed Woolacombe as an influence, as well as the continued support of the local community. 

Seth Lakeman


Currently promoting his eighth studio album, Seth Lakeman is a household name in the folk music scene and of course, the local music scene. Having performed at festivals all over the world the influences to his music must be far and wise, but Seth admitted to us that the West country will always hold a special place in his heart:

I've always loved the west country. I've lived here all my life and continue to be inspired by the people and the diverse scenery that surrounds us. This song was written looking out from the north-west Cornish coast at the beginning of summer last year. It's a tribute to someone special.

You can get Seth’s latest album here


Show of Hands

Widely acknowledged as one of the best acoustic roots duos in the UK, Show of Hands is comprised of Steve Knightley and Phil Beer. The two have headlined major festival from Glasto to WOMAD and played all over the world. To hear more, take a look at their website.

The song we’ve chosen for our playlist is Walk with Me (When the Sun Goes Down). Irish film maker Paul Tully is endeavouring to make a documentary film about the Sidmouth Folk Festival called ‘A Small, Quiet, English Town.’ Steve wrote this song to assist his fundraising activities and it has now acquired a life of its own.


Sophie Sutton

Sophie is a talented singer and songwriter who used to work in our Barnstaple Saltrock store! Described by BBC Introducing as “one of the finest young singer-songwriters in Devon”, Sophie’s catchy songs and charming cover versions and mashups have won the hearts of locals and those further afield. We asked Sophie if Devon is an influence on her music:

“Oh it definitely is! I didn't start playing guitar and writing songs until I moved to Devon when I was 14. My music is hugely influenced by the people who live here and the places around here. I'm not sure if anyone outside of Devon would necessarily class it as a hub for music, but it's been put on the map by names like Coldplay, Muse and Ben Howard and the vast musical ability of the county doesn't seem to stop growing.”

Listen to all of Sophie’s cover versions on her Facebook page or listen to her music on Soundcloud.

The Fallen State

The Fallen State are a five-piece from Devon. Formed in 2013, they have supported huge names such as Black Stone Cherry and Young Guns and fast developed a reputation for sell-out shows and amazing live music. We chatted to Greg Butler, bassist for the Fallen State, about Devon’s enthusiastic local music scene:

"The local area definitely gave us an advantage whilst growing the band. We were able to use the relatively small but enthusiastic music scene here to experiment with our sound and performance before eventually unleashing it on the outside world." 

Check out the music video for Sinner here and get tickets to a venue near you on their tour here


The Stolen Page

In their own words, The Stolen Page make music about ‘tales from cities to small towns about love, loss and life’. This alt-rock foursome all hail from the South West and are regulars on the local live-music scene. We chatted to Scott Linn, the band’s frontman, about songs and stories…

“I've always liked music that when you listen to it, you can hear where it comes from, whether it's lyrical or musical or both. From Bruce Springsteen's visions of the New Jersey boardwalk to those early Clash records that sound like you're in a dirty flat in London. Being from North Devon, my songs are set in small towns, beach side bars and are populated by the people that I meet. The song 'Summer Winds' is about driving home from Woolacombe beach along the back roads with the sun setting in the rear window. My songs are stories about my life and every story needs a setting. I'm lucky to have such a naturally beautiful and interesting backdrop to work with when writing.”

Wille and the Bandits


Wille and the Bandits are a three-piece from Cornwall whose blues, folk, rock style has seen them feature on line-ups of some of the UK’s biggest festivals. The band has just set off on their UK tour promoting their new album Steal, and you can get tickets here.

On how the local area has influenced the music, Wille said:

"The band's roots are very much on the coasts of Cornwall and Devon and I think the freedom and release the ocean gives you is channelled back into the music in a kind of telepathic way. Our surroundings and lifestyle have shaped us as people and taught us to connect with nature and to feel the beauty and inspiration it gives you."


Multi-instrumentalist Yazzy Chamberlain is an aspiring singer-songwriter from North Devon. Incredibly popular on the local music scene, her original songs have won national acclaim in multiple song-writing competitions. In chatting to Yazzy, it’s clear that the local area has been an inspiration and a great influence on her music:

“Living in Devon, you can always find somewhere inspirational without even really having to try, where you can be alone with your own thoughts...and guitar. Perfect for song-writing! Living in Devon is perfect for me as my life is so busy with gigs all over the place & having recorded my music up in London & Southampton, it’s nice to come home where you can just walk to the beach & play your guitar without interruptions from everyday life…a place where your mind can really run free & you can feel at peace.”