Saltrock’s Top 10 Tips for Beating the Winter Freeze

Surf in the UK in winter and spring brings good swells, emptier line ups and huge amounts of fun. But wow it’s cold.

There are some simple steps you can take to reduce the chances of becoming an ice cube and make the whole experience infinitely more fun!

Here are our Top 10 Tips to help you beat the winter freeze.

  • Layer up. Thermal rashies are a godsend and layering is as effective in the water as on the slopes. 

  • Investing in good gloves and boots is worth every penny. Make sure the boots fit properly – a little on the overly snug side and you’ll never feel your toes again!

  • Fix the little holes you usually ignore – a top of the range suit feels less than amazing with constant icy flushes.

  • Keep moving in the water. It’s easy to sit and shiver but constant motion so much better for maintaining body temperature

  • Wrap your towel and clothes round a hot water bottle. It won’t be scalding hot by the time you get out but will probably still be warmish which means your towel and clothes will be warm too!

  • Take the hugest towel you can find – the pain of trying to claw yourself out of a freezing wetsuit on a sub-zero day is made infinitely worse when the wind’s whipping and your towel barely covers the important parts. Take the biggest towel you’ve got, ideally all the biggest towels you’ve got.

  • A good thermos is worth its weight in gold. Hot coffee waiting in the van when your insides are iced up not only thaws you out like nothing else it also gives you the incentive to get that flipping wetsuit off

  • Take easy clothes to put on – jeans are a nightmare when you’re freezing and damp. Take something you can easily haul on with no fiddly buttons or laces to do up – too painful to do with the claw!

  • A couple of those hand warmers that heat up when you snap them are a clever plan. Cuts down the gamble of deciding when your hands are working well enough to drive!

  • And the best top tip of all time for fighting the freeze – waterproof the front seat and drive home in your wetsuit, heaters blazing. Nothing beats stripping off at your leisure in a steaming hot shower.