Saltrock joins forces with UK climber Jenna Goddard!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that we are teaming up with British rock climber and emerging talent Jenna Goddard! Jenna has been climbing the ranks competing across the UK alongside Britain’s top female climbers. She will now also be representing Saltrock as one of our brand ambassadors in our very exciting line-up of adventure-seeking sportspeople.

Jenna discovered her passion for the sport after attending a friends climbing birthday bash and soon realised her potential. Last year she gave up her job as a furniture maker to pursue her climbing ambitions, waitressing alongside to ensure she is able to sustain travelling and competing across the country doing what she loves best.


Jenna will be joining our ambassadors Andrei Burton and Andrew Cotton- who you will hopefully be well acquainted with by now if you’ve been following our social media pages. Jenna is already good friends with fellow Saltrock ambassador and dare-devil mountain bike trials athlete Andrei and the two often train together to ensure they are in peak physical condition (Jenna has been showing Andrei the ropes on the climbing wall).

Jenna’s personal highlights include competing as one of 22 female climbers at Rab Superbloc Masters this year, an invite only climbing event designed to test the best. She also took part 2013 British Bouldering Championships and got through the semi-finals of Exeter Quay DWS last year.


Jenna’s future looks bright as she continues to push herself out of her comfort zone and progress to higher levels. Her focus? To spread the word out about female climbing, encourage others to live a healthy and active lifestyle and to inspire people to realise their inner potential. She is dedicated to the lifestyle she leads and has a lot of fun along the way, which makes her the ideal person to communicate the Saltrock message.

Girl power!

Want to get to know Jenna a little better? Saltrock will be giving you all the inside scoop as Jenna lets us know about her lifestyle, challenges and motivations in climbing. You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter to get an insight in to what she gets up to day-to-day. Expect all things climbing, fitness and food related (and some very cute photos of her adorable side kick and pet Chihuahua, Alex).