Saltrock climber, Jenna Goddard, gives us the low down on 2015's Deep Water Solo event


So in just a couple of days time I’ll be competing for the second year running in the Deep Water Solo Competition based in Exeter. 

What does this mean? For those who are unfamiliar to ‘Deep Water Solo’, its simply climbing without ropes over water. The Quay Climbing Centre construct an artificial wall that floats on the canal basin providing a platform for competition. There are three routes for each category set by professional route setters to provide a varying difficulty. Speed does not come into the competition, the setters will select smaller and more difficult-to-hold holds and use sequences that require more technique and skill to outsmart the climber and send them splashing into the water below! A great spectator sport to say the least!!

As a competitor this event is unlike any other, the crowd REALLY get involved! Last year we had commentators introducing the climbers and explaining everything that was going on- I’m sure people I’ve never met before were cheering my name! 

To say that DWS 2015 will be fun is an understatement! It’s incredibly unpredictable with top climbers being spat off early on and the chance for the unknown climber to excel- nobody knows what will happen and who will come away the winner!

The wall stands at an impressive 7 meters high and 12 meters wide. Come down to the Quayside Friday afternoon to watch the Youth Qualifiers, followed by the Open Male and Female Qualifiers on Saturday 29th. Semis and finals will both be held on Sunday 30th.

Last year was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite my strong dislike for water and heights! …I’ll always aim to do better but I’m sure whatever happens I’ll be one of the ones having the most fun! Let the countdown begin!

Jenna Goddard

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