Out and About this Christmas with our Saltrock Ambassadors

Our Saltrock Ambassadors are never far away from an exciting adventure, so we thought we would catch up with them all and find out what they are going to be up to this Christmas.


Andrew Cotton, Saltrock Ambassador, and Big Wave Surfer, has been all over the world this year, chasing waves. He's spent quite a lot of time in Ireland this year in the build up to the release of his short film Beneath the Surface, all about hunting for the biggest waves along the west coast of Ireland.

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“I loved spending time in Ireland at the beginning of the year, its always great fun to get out off the Irish coast, it’s a place that means a lot to me. It was pretty cold though during the winter, so I had to chuck on a few layers of clothing! I love the Saltrock flannel shirts because they go really well over a tee especially this checked Haplop shirt, and then I often put on a hoody over the top to keep extra warm in the cold Irish weather, and especially when I’ve just got out of the sea and need to warm up!’

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Cotty is also a family man, so when he isn't chasing waves he loves to spend time with his wife and two kids.

'We love getting wrapped up and going outdoors as a family, the kids have so much energy so we love to do loads of things outside. One of the things we like to do before Christmas is go and pick our own Christmas tree - its a great way to get outside, and the kids love to put on their Saltrock beaniesand hoodies and pick out the tree, then get home, pop on their pyjamas and decorate the tree.'


Jenna Goddard, Saltrock Ambassador and Pro Climber, loves getting out and about and finding new challenges all year round, and particularly at Christmas time.

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'Being in Devon for Christmas is always great. The Devon coastline and countryside is beautiful, I love going for winter walks with my friends and family, and most importantly my dog at Christmas time. I imagine I'll be wearing my Saltrock knitted hoody for these walks, because its super warm for those freezing cold days.'

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Jenna seems to always find somewhere to go on a climbing adventure, no matter how cold it is!

'The cold weather doesn't stop me from going outside on climbing adventures! Climbing indoors is always an option, but sometimes I go outside, and instead of worrying about the cold, I just put on my Saltrock Beanie and Hoody and get out and explore.'

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At the end of the day, especially at Christmas time, getting into cosy trackpants and a hoody, and relaxing by the fire, is something everyone enjoys.

'This hoody and trackpants are the comfiest thing ever! Perfect for relaxing at the end of the day next to the fire, which is one of my favourite things to do - curling up next to the fire with my dog Alex after I've eaten a massive Christmas dinner.'


Andrei Burton, Saltrock Ambassador and Professional Mountain Bike Trials Rider, is always out and about doing something exciting. He will find a way of getting his bike out and doing stunts anywhere, and loves getting out on his bike in Devon. Take a look at him in the video below, behind the scenes at our Autumn/Winter 2016 photoshoot.

'This Christmas I will definitely be getting my bike out for some fun. It might be cold, but I usually just wear a tee , then I put on my Saltrock fur-lined hoody over the top as soon as I get back from being on my bike. I love the fact its fur-lined to keep me extra warm! I tend to keep a hoody in my van so I can put it on after a day of being outside.'

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Andrei doesn't just go out on his bike, he loves climbing and being outdoors too.

'Climbing is something else I love to do. In climbing you can't wear anything too big and bulky, so when I head out to find somewhere good to climb, I love to put on this fleece, its great as an extra layer before you start climbing. I love the Saltrock Beanies too, this dark red one is my favourite.'

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Does Andrei ever have any downtime? Of course, everyone has to at some point!

'I love putting on a cheesy Christmas movie at the end of the day and chilling out in my Saltrock pyjamas, who doesn't?'