Make it for Mother’s Day

By Claire Smail

Mother’s day is just around the corner and I think nothing says thank you and how much you love and appreciate them quite like a handmade card or gift. 

Every time my Mum comes to visit me, we inadvertently end up going in search of some sea glass, as it is such a great activity to do when you are spending the day at the beach or even just making the most of a grey, windy day.  Together we have braved the shore break at Lynmouth (this is a generally a great place to go looking for sea glass, but in hindsight I would not suggest trying to find it at high tide), the long stretches of Woolacombe  beach are good and we have also found some great pieces at Combe Martin.  These many adventures now means I have a great collection of different colours, shapes and sizes of sea glass pieces and this year I decided I would really like to capture and celebrate our memories of collecting these ocean shaped gems into a sea glass card for Mother’s Day.

You will need:

A collection of clean sea glass (try to pick pieces with at least one flat side and no sand on)

A pack of blank cards with envelopes (or a piece of white/light coloured card and an envelope)

Clear drying multi-purpose glue

A cotton bud or cocktail stick (optional but very useful for controlling how much glue you apply)

Pen or fine liners to draw on some detail


How to make:

If you are using a piece of card you need to fold it in half and then cut it to you preferred size or the size of the envelope you have.  If you have pre-folded cards, just get one out and make sure it is the right way up in front of you.

Now comes the creative bit, using your sea glass you need to create a shape, object or word out of the glass you have. I found at this stage that the shapes of the sea glass helped guide and to a certain extent dictate what design I could make.  In the end and because of the glass I had collected I actually came up with a couple of different designs. If you get a bit stuck thinking of an idea I would say stay away from the bigger pieces of glass (as they will be very heavy on the card) and instead use the smaller pieces to create a simple and clear shape. For example, the outline of a heart, flowers, sails for a boat, little cottages by a shore, spelling out the word Mum, a tree or branch with leaves on.  (Once you have found the perfect pieces of sea glass you can always draw back into and round the idea to make it really clear what you have created).

When I had made up my mind, I arranged the sea glass on the card to check that it fitted and looked how I wanted it to.

Now, it is really easy to apply too much glue to the glass as it all oozes out when you try to stick it down. So what I did to try to prevent this is on a scrap piece of paper I squeezed out a blob of glue and then using the end of a little wooden cocktail stick I applied a very thin even layer of glue to the glass before putting it in to place on the card.  When I did come to gluing, I did try to carefully lift off each piece and glue it in to place, but if you think this might be a little fiddly with your design I recommend taking a picture of your arrangement first (just in case you do knock a few bit of glass out of place) and then start sticking.  Once all the pieces where attached to the card I then left it to fully dry for several hours before finishing it off.

To complete my cards I used a biro to draw in a bit of detail around the sea glass to make the image even clearer (you can do the drawing before or after you glue the sea glass. I did it after as I did not want to move the glass once I was happy with the layout).

Once the glue has dried and you have added your final drawn details, the only thing left to do is fill the card with your message and give it to your Mum on Sunday 31st March 2019.