Jenna Goddard’ Guide to SUP Adventures!

Normally every trip I plan is based around climbing. Where I go, where I stay, when I get up/go to sleep and when I can have a rest day. This trip was the opposite! I’d picked up a few injuries in my shoulder, elbow and wrist, nothing serious but my body was really telling me it needed a break and a chance to recover so this was the perfect chance to just let a holiday be an actual holiday.


I stayed in a little holiday destination called Oludeniz, in the South of Turkey. Although there are lots of tourists around, this place has everything you could wish for. Clear sea, blue skies and huge mountains bursting with colour. I felt instantly refreshed just being here.



With a new burst of energy, I found MaviTribe on my first day and hired a SUP board with them. My holiday soon changed from relaxation time to SUP adventure time! …I just can’t help myself!!



As it turns out you there’s loads to do on a SUP… here are my TOP 3!




Simply grab your SUP, pack some food, water, and other essentials, and head off somewhere you haven't been before. You can take your SUP to the sea, down rivers, canals or reservoirs! Where there is water we can SUP! Just check with local authorities in the UK for permission in some places and be careful in the sea.




Use your SUP board to explore the coastline, find some decent looking rock, and jump on! Park your board appropriately and check its deep enough to fall in, then you’re ready to climb! We call this Deep Water Solo, and usually will climb down from the coast to find a path but why not try it from the SUP. Two adventures in one!




If you’re somewhere hot or you have a wetsuit on, then you may as well get wet! Try to pull some classic yoga shapes on your board, this is great for working on your balance and timing, and also works your core and your brain. The best things to try are a headstand and handstands! Be prepared to fail and laugh a lot!



Don’t forget to pack your Saltrock towel and rash vest, and a cosy hoody for when you get back to dry land.




Enjoy fellow SUPers!