It's Never Too Late to Learn to Surf - Ask Jenna Goddard!

Saltrock ambassador Jenna Goddard is all for getting outdoors and exploring new places, but she's never been surfing before! So what was her first challenge of 2018? Learning to surf! Here's Jenna's thoughts on going surfing for the first time:

So finally at 31 years old I decided to give surfing a go.

We headed over to Saunton Sands for sunrise where conditions seemed to be good, the waves were pretty clean, good timing between them, and not too big, so perfect for me to learn on.

As a beginner I had no idea what to expect, so I really didn't waste any thoughts on trying to guess. I have a stand up paddle board which is great for sitting on the water and cruising for day adventures but I knew it wasn't going to be anything like that!

Once we were in I was helped by being pushed into the waves and to begin with just lay on the board and rode the wave. I was genuinely surprised at how quickly it carries you in, and I couldn't wait to start standing up. So after a couple attempts I was up and riding them in, in my head like a pro but in reality probably like bambi on ice!

So day 1 was a great success! I caught a whole load of waves, stood up practically every time (thanks to a big board) and had such a fantastic time. Safe to say I was hooked! Since then I have been out 3 more times, and still cant wait to get back in the water. 

But why did I love surfing so much? Surfing is not like anything I have experienced before, and there is one big difference between climbing and surfing; mother nature. 

In climbing you learn to become completely reliant and focused on your own physical and mental abilities, although there is chance of rock fall its very small so generally your environment is stable. With surfing, I can already feel a real connection between myself and the power of the earth. I have never had more humbling experiences then being bashed around by the waves, their sheer power and dominance is beautiful and something to be respected. The third time I went out we sat out the back while the waves gently rolled underneath us, and this has to be my favourite moment so far, and I cant wait to be back out there. Roll on the summer too!

So why not give it a go yourself? If you want to learn there are a lot of surf schools around where you can hire boards and wetsuits, or perhaps ask a friend if they could take you out for a day, everyone knows a surfer!