Easter Treats - How to Make Claire Smail's Chocolate Buttons!

Claire Smail, Saltrock ambassador and chocolate lover, has been busy creating Easter Treats!

"What with all the extreme weather we have been having, I almost forgot that Easter is nearly upon us and that can only mean one thing…chocolate!   

I really wanted to experiment with different flavours this year and felt trying this out in the form of an egg might be a little trick and result in a rather lumpy, bumpy final product. So instead I have decided to make luxury chocolate button to accompany one of my homemade chocolate eggs (to see how to make the egg check out my blog from last year)"

You will need… 

100g quality white chocolate 

100g quality milk chocolate 

100g quality dark chocolate 

Flavours of your choice, I have gone with:

- Marshmallows, digestive biscuits pieces and raisins 

- Toasted, chopped almonds and fresh orange zest 

- Macadamia nuts and dried cranberries 

- Sliced apricot and coconut shavings 


How to make… 

Line a baking try with baking paper 

In a bain-marie (heat-proof bowl over a pan of simmering water) break up one of the bars of chocolate (I started with milk).  Allow to melt over the hot water, siring occasionally so the chocolate does not burn. 

Whilst the chocolate is slowly melting, prepare you chosen toppings. I started with a rock road inspired topping, so to prepare this I chopped some (about a tbsp. of each) of the marshmallows, digestive biscuits and raisins into small pieces. 

Once the chocolate has melted take the heat-proof bowl off the heat as the chocolate needs to be cool. At this stage you could temper the chocolate (see YouTube) but I decided that looked a little too tricky and time consuming. Instead I stirred the chocolate whilst it cooled, so it cooled quicker and more evenly.  Once the chocolate was cool to touch and just starting to slightly thicken up, I made the buttons by spooning a teaspoon of chocolate onto the baking paper and then sprinkling each button with the rocky road ingredients.  I tried to put an even amount of each topping onto each button. 

Then place the tray into the fridge and repeat with the remaining two types of chocolate and various different toppings. 

Once they had all set I placed a selection of the chocolate buttons and my homemade Easter egg into a cellophane sweetie bag and tied it with a bit of raffia or ribbon to finish it off.