Driving Halfway Round The World Trying to Save It

Have you ever considered putting yourself in precarious, occasionally dangerous, and generally risky situations all in the name of charity? This is exactly what Tom & Alex, two brothers from the South East are doing this Summer. Read on to find out why they are driving halfway around the world trying to save it!

Who What Why

Two brothers, Tom and Alex, are embarking on the Mongol Rally 2018 - a 10,000 mile journey from the south coast of the UK to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia! They will be driving a 20 year old Nissan Micra across 2 continents, over mountain ranges and through deserts! They’ll experience some of the most challenging driving conditions the world has to offer - all in support of an amazing charity, Cool Earth.

The Cause

Cool Earth is a charity specialising in educating local communities to the dangers of deforestation. This is an issue that may seem half the world away but is much closer to home than you think.

Deforestation has many negative impacts, from impacting the climate, by releasing greenhouse gases which contributes to global warming, to increasing the pH of oceans through the increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but it also damages habitats of numerous species, including endangered animals and plants such as Tigers, Sloths, Orangutans, and many other vulnerable species. The forests are their homes, so once they are destroyed the animals will be unable to survive, and it would take hundreds of years to replace the lost habitat - by which time most, if not all of these endangered animals would be extinct.

This is a real problem facing a huge number of species and it is sad to think that in a few short years we could see a mass extinction of animals and plants due to the actions of humans.

The main aim of Cool Earth is to limit further deforestation through the education of local communities into ways in which they can sustain themselves without causing irreversible damage to the world’s forests and animals.

"We have decided to raise awareness for this important cause by taking on a challenge which will push us to our limits. By completing this challenge we hope that we can contribute even a small amount to this amazing charity as well as raising awareness that deforestation is resulting in the destruction of habitats and threatening the extinction of many plants and animals."

The Challenge

 The boys will be embarking on a 7 week drive starting in the south of the UK and ending in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. This 10,000 mile journey will take them across seas, over mountains, and through deserts as well as some of the most challenging driving conditions in the world, all in a car designed to pop to the shops.

The car is a small 20 year old polka-dot Nissan Micra, a sturdy reliable machine. The size of a car is no guarantee of success, they have opted for a light and agile motor to combat all the terrain thrown at them, as well as versatility, comfort and economy, they strongly believe that this small car is perfect for the task in hand.

With no mechanical experience they will be relying on our own courage and resourcefulness, as well as the kindness of locals, and no small amount of luck (and Gaffa Tape) to get them across the finish line in one piece (or at all!).

This challenge is being organised by The Adventurist, and with over 200 teams taking part this is the biggest Mongol Rally yet. But the number of teams doesn’t make it any easier! Large parts of the journey are through uninhabited desert where a flat tyre could see the trip delayed and anything more serious could put the car out of action!

"However we are calmly optimistic in the engineering skill of Nissan and happy that we've selected the right tool for the job. This is a mammoth challenge and one which is difficult and dangerous but taking part in such a monumental rally will hopefully raise awareness for the outstanding work Cool Earth are doing and that is our real goal."

You can follow their adventures, mishaps and successes on Instagram throughout the summer- check them out here! https://www.instagram.com/mongolia_or_bust/ 

 The rest

This is a charity fundraising event, with the aim of completing a challenge to raise awareness and money for an incredibly worthwhile cause - the boys don't want to put themselves through some crazy scenarios and 7 weeks of sleeping in tiny tents for nothing! If you'd like to donate towards this adventure, and raise money for Cool Earth, just click on the link below: