Claire Smail's Christmas Wish List


The festive season is just around the corner. Thoughts are turning to presents and parties and the shops are replacing tricks and treats with tinsel and selection boxes in preparation for the biggest day of the year.

Christmas brings such different things to everyone so we thought it would be cool to find out what our intrepid Ambassadors will be up to this festive season. Here's the newest member of our Saltrock Ambassador team, Claire Smail, explaining what Christmas means to her and what's on her Christmas list this year.

My Christmas

"Christmas is a big people event for me. I love spending time with close friends that are home for the holidays. During the rest of the year I don’t see enough of them or my family, so I love having the excuse to switch off for a while, unwind and spend time with the people who are really important to me.

We always get together at my parents in South Devon on Christmas. The morning is spent opening presents before we all head out for a bit of fresh air with the aim of working up a huge appetite for dinner.

The perfect traditional Christmas Day involves my mum cooking a late roast so my brother can go for a bike ride and Dad and I can head down to the beach for a surf.  We always try to get in the water at a round mid-day, as you'd be surprised how quiet the surf gets around lunch time!"

Christmas Favourites

"Along with unlimited hours in the surf, one of my most favourite things about Christmas is the food. I love baking and one of the subjects I teach is Food, so the decadence of Christmas food is my guilty pleasure. I’ll always bake cakes and mince pies and I love experimenting with my own recipes in the run up to Christmas.  Last year I made sweets including Turkish Delight and Coconut Ice for everyone and this year I'm going to try making marshmallows." 

My Saltrock Christmas Wish List

"One of the best times to be a surfer is the winter because of the quieter line-ups and more consistent swells, so hoodies are a wardrobe staple for me! My current favourites at Saltrock is the Flower Swirl Hoody which has a thick fleece lining and is amazing on cold mornings.

The Floral Denim Shirt is really unusual and is perfect for slightly smarter occasions. It looks great and is definitely on my Christmas Wish List (hint hint!)

I also love the Cable Cardigan as its super cosy and perfect to snuggle up in when it’s cold. It’s more stylish than a simple hoody so you can wear it when you want to stay warm but a hoody isn’t quite right.

I’ve chosen the Loxhore pullover sweater as it is perfect for my brother and I’ve picked out the Hip Star tshirt for my best friend as I know she will love it.

And last but not least, Saltrock mugs are perfect for that early morning cuppa and I'll definitely be drinking from mine this Christmas morning!"