Buy your own Real Christmas Tree with help from Saltrock

With Halloween and Bonfire Night over for the year, its time to start getting ready for Christmas. One of the best parts of getting ready for Christmas aside from Christmas shopping, is wrapping up warm in one of our fur lined hoodies or knitwear, putting on your scarves, hats and gloves, and going out as a family to choose your Christmas tree, before spending the day decorating it and getting into the Christmas spirit. A growing Christmas tradition is to go directly to the grower and choose your tree from a range of very freshly cut trees, or even choose it while it’s still in the ground. To help you get ready for Christmas, here at Saltrock we have created a list of places for you to find a locally grown, fresh and good quality Christmas tree near you.

In buying from a local grower you get a very fresh, good quality tree, at a reasonable price and it has a much smaller carbon footprint– there are over 6 million Christmas trees grown in the UK, and these trees are often of a better quality, because they haven’t had to be stored and transported from countries such as Denmark, and the fresher they are, the longer you have until their pins begin to drop.

SOUTH WESTNorth Devon Christmas Trees

North Devon Christmas Trees is a family run business, home to a 6 acre plantation near Barnstaple that has a range of species of Christmas trees, including the traditional Norway Spruce, and the Nordman Fir and Fraser Fir. The planting of these trees has been staggered to produce a variety of sizes from 3 to 12ft. They are cut fresh throughout December and are sold from their Fremington base. For a locally grown, fresh tree from a local business, this is the place to go.
They also sell homemade wreaths made from products sourced from their own plantation, which are great outdoor Christmas decorations or handmade Christmas gifts.
Christmas Trees are available from 28th November.

Stacey’s Christmas Trees

Stacey’s Christmas Trees is based in Clawton, on the border of Devon and Cornwall. It has been a family run business since 1990, and they now have 30000 trees on their plantation. They have Norway Spruce, Nordman Fir and Fraser Fir, at a variety of heights, from 3ft to 10+ft. You have the option of picking from trees that are cut daily, or alternatively you can wander through the plantation and pick your own tree to be cut especially for you.
They have a small Christmas shop where you can visit to pick up your Christmas tree decorations for your freshly cut Christmas tree, and throughout the weekends of December children can visit Father Christmas in his wooden lodge, and they may even be given cool Christmas gifts. If you’re looking to wander through a plantation and pick out your own tree, as well as getting to meet Father Christmas, this is the perfect place to go.
2016 dates have not been published yet

SOUTH WALESTy Cerrig Christmas Trees

 A family farm based in the Vale of Glamorgan decided to grow their own Christmas Trees after years of searching around for a fresh, locally grown good quality tree and not succeeding. The first 200 trees were planted in 2006 with the idea of just supplying their family and friends, but now they have approximately 16000 on their land. They have 8 different species of Christmas trees, with each species described in detail on their website. If you’re looking for a family farm whose aim is to provide locally grown Christmas Trees at a reasonable price this place is perfect. Don’t forget your wellies!
Open from 26th November

Gower Grown Trees

Gower Grown Trees in South Wales is one of Wales’ largest producers of Christmas Trees, and even supplied 10 Downing Street with their Christmas Tree, and have just hosted the BCTGA -  the Oscars of Christmas tree growers! Their main base is at Three Crosses, Swansea. They have Fraser Fir, Nordman Fir, Norway Spruce and Korean Fir, and these are all available in a variety of sizes. They give you the option of choosing from freshly pre-cut trees or walking around and picking your own to be cut especially for you. There is also the option of potted Christmas trees up to 4ft tall.
The main base at Three Crosses is also home to a Reindeer Herd in the Winter Wonderland, along with a variety of real and animated animals, and an opportunity to meet Santa. They have a Christmas shop full of decorations, gifts for Christmas and handmade wreaths. This is the perfect place to go for a family day out as well as picking your perfect Christmas Tree.
Trees are available from 16th November

DORSETCranborne Christmas Tree Farm

The Cranborne Estate is a large estate in Dorset, which is home to Viscount Cranborne. The Estate farm manages the land, and the farm has been selling Christmas trees since 1980. Since expanding in 2007, they now have around 60000 trees in a variety of species and sizes. The trees are pruned, weeded, and cared for all year round. Trees are available from the 1st December 2016, and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from the 2nd December they have Field Open Days where for a £2 supplement you can wander through the plantation and select your own tree from the field.
If you’re looking for a Christmas tree grown by an organization with experience, and with the option of walking through the plantation to pick your tree while it’s still in the ground, this is a great place to go.

Bailey Ridge Christmas Trees

Bailey Ridge Christmas Trees is a local business in Sherborne, Dorset which was originally set up as a way to fill the wintery days leading up to Christmas. They grow a both Nordman Fir and the traditional Norway Spruce in a variety of sizes. You can choose from the freshly cut selection, potted trees, or you can pick your own from wandering around the plantation. You can also meet their three friendly reindeer, and Santa on certain days throughout December. To make the plantation sustainable, for every tree that is cut, a further 6 trees are planted.

NATIONWIDEForestry Commission

The Forestry Commission has released a list of “Santa Approved Trees” – they are grown in some of their selected forests in a sustainable way and of the highest quality. With each purchase you get a free “baby” Christmas tree to look after and grow, making it even more sustainable.
There are a variety of locations across the country, from Haldon Forest in Devon, to Moors Valley in Dorset, Bedgebury in Kent, and Brockenhurst in the New Forest, along with many more across the country – you can find the one nearest you on their website.
There are also a variety of Christmas trails that open at the end of November in a variety of Forestry Commission Woodlands which educates children on different types of trees while hunting for the best tree.
The locations have different dates that they begin selling, but are either around 26th November or 2nd December and run until they sell out.
If you’re looking for a sustainable Christmas tree, and a day out with the family to wander around forests, as well as receiving a free Christmas tree to grow yourselves, this is a great scheme, and you can find the forest nearest you on their website.

We hope you enjoy going on your adventures to find your Christmas trees this year! Don’t forget to make sure the whole family is wrapped up warm in our borg-lined hoodies, knitwear and winter accessories.