British Elite Trials Champion (AGAIN!) - Andrei Burton

A Chat With The Man Himself

As some of you may know; the British Biketrials Championship came to its conclusion earlier this month. The competition was fierce, fueled by passion for the sport and full of talented riders. One of these incredibly skillful individuals happens to be one of our Ambassador's; Andrei Burton. It is with great excitement that Andrei has 'smashed it' in the competition and made it out on top once again, becoming British Elite Trials Champion for the third year in a row!

We caught up with Andrei to get a run down of the series.

Andrei, just quickly tell anyone that isn't familiar with the sport, what trials riding and competitions are all about?

"Well, simply trials riding is the ability to ride over anything infront of you, the harder, the better! Quite simply it's about getting through a course that is as tough as possible without touching any part of your bike on the obstacles other than your tyres."

How was the competition series for you this year?

"It has a been a tough one, I have now taken on a full time role with Ninja Warrior as a professional course tester. So I have sent about 4 months in total away with them around Europe this year and it has taken a lot of time away from my training on the bike. So I was really pleased to win the first round of the year. This was then followed by a second win at the amazing venue of Biketrial Academy UK near Cambridge. Its a venue that the Rolls family have built for their son, Charlie, who is the Cadet World Champion and will most likely be Junior World Champion this year in China. its a great venue and Charlie set the sections out for the competition. It was a great challenge and I was stoked to win that round too. Little fun fact, I was filming Ninja Warrior Germany season 3 in Karlsruhe over that period of time. I spent 12 hours on the [Ninja Warrior] course on the Saturday, before driving all night to the competition, then drove all night back again and went straight into another 12 hour day on the course. I didn't sleep for 3 days. But yeah, then for the 3rd round last week it was held at the Derbyshire Biketrial Centre, another great venue for trials. The sections were a lot more 20" style (I ride 26") so I found it a bit awkward, but still managed to take 3rd and win the overall title."

With this impressive achievement under your belt, what's next for you? 

"Next up I have a world cup in Antwerp, Belgium. So I am hoping for a fun competition over there. Then its off to Russia for 2 weeks with Ninja Warrior before heading to Berlin for another World Cup and then on to China for the World Championships." 

Check out the video below for a snippet of the Championship final in Derbyshire:


With no signs of slowing down on the horizon, here at Satlrock, we are poised to bring you the latest adrenaline filled update from Andrei Burton...