Big Spring Beach Clean 2017 in association with Ecover

Looking for something to do at the weekend that involves getting outdoors to the beach? Join the Big Spring Beach Clean 2017! From April 3-9th, join a group of likeminded people and help clean up your local beaches so that they are there for everyone to enjoy! Here at Saltrock, we love the British coastline, whether we’re wrapping up warm in our Saltrock hoodies and going on walks or heading out to catch some waves, so anything that helps to preserve and protect the beaches and coasts is really important. 

According to SAS, approximately 8 million pieces of marine litter end up in our oceans every day, and cause the deaths of 1 million sea birds and 100 000 marine mammals each year. The Big Spring Beach Clean aims to collect as much of this litter as possible and help protect the coastline and marine life. 

Last Year, the Big Spring Beach Clean took place across the country, and 8000 people over 231 different beach cleans went out and volunteered some of their time to collect litter across the beaches of the UK and Northern Ireland. They collected a massive 35 tonnes of litter, and over 10 tonnes of this was sent off to be recycled. 


This year the Big Spring Beach Clean is being run in association with Ecover, who were the creators of the first ever phosphate free washing powder, and also have a firm focus on a sustainable economy. In 2014 they created the world’s first limited edition “Ocean Plastic” washing up liquid bottle, which contained 10% ocean plastic and the rest post-consumer recycled plastic. Through working with Surfers Against Sewage on the Big Spring Beach Clean, Ecover hope to collect more than 50,000 bottles from our beaches and use them to create new bottles for their Ecover Ocean Plastic Bottle Project.

Tom Domen, Head of Innovation at Ecover, says; “We’re delighted to be partnering with Surfers Against Sewage in their campaign to clean up the UK’s beaches.v We share the same hairy ambition – to get people to totally rethink how they use plastic. Now in its 4th year, our Ocean Plastic bottle is designed to raise awareness of the impact of plastic on marine life. But we need to go further and change how we use, re-use and recycle plastic if we’re serious about creating a circular economy and a systematic clean-up of the sea”.

 Surfers Against Sewage and Ecover are looking for your help – whether you organize your own beach clean by following the instructions here or emailing, or you join another beach clean (find the list here) it’s a great way to spend a small amount of your time with a group of people who all want to help protect our beaches and environment, so that we can use them for many years to come.