Autumn Adventures with Saltrock

Autumn might signal the end of Summer, but it shouldn't mean your outdoor adventures are over! Saltrock clothing is designed for the lifestyle you love, wrap your family up warm in our new Autumn Winter Collection and head outdoors – get out & for a walk, try foraging for wild fruits or head to the coast & get involved with a Beach Clean, and it’s the perfect time to catch some waves! 


Here are some of our favourite autumn walks: 


Stourhead is a beautiful National Trust–owned garden that has been planted deliberately so that the colours of the leaves change throughout a 6-8 week period - take a look here. Whether you want to take a guided walk around the gardens, or just stroll around at your own pace, this is the perfect place to do so, and there’s also a Family Trail with leaflets full of activities and fun for the children to take part in. 


Follow the East Lyn River and the Hoar Oak River down the valley to Lynmouth, crossing at Watersmeet – the perfect place to stop for some hard earned tea and cake! A beautiful walk surrounded by woodland that shows off some of the best autumn colours. Featured in “Britain’s Best Walks with Julia Bradbury”, this is definitely one to do if you’re in North Devon!


The Forest of Dean is one of the largest ancient forests in the UK, spanning both England and Wales, and is the perfect place for an autumn walk. With around 20 million trees, there are plenty of different trails to follow, and so many different colour and shaped leaves to see! Why not collect some of your favourites and take them home to dry out?


There’s a great circular walk that takes you along the Helford Passage, through woodland and up to the headland for views to Falmouth and St Mawes. The best part about this walk is that there are several options, whether you fancy a short walk of an hour or so, or a full day of walking, and there are also a number of places to stop on the way for a drink or a bite to eat! 


This walk takes you through the woodland of Langdon Hill, with spectacular views towards Golden Cap – the highest point on the South Coast. Autumn is the perfect time to walk along this circular trail, with the changing colours of leaves and the chance to spot some weird and wonderful funghi! 


Some of our favourite things to forage for in Autumn:


One of the most commonly foraged fruits, everyone loves going blackberry picking in the Autumn! Found in hedgerows all over the country, blackberries are easy to spot, and as long as you make sure they are black, and come off easily when you pick them. Make sure you don’t pick them near any busy roads either, or in a location that they may have been sprayed with pesticides. You can make some delicious blackberry jams, jellies, pies or a classic blackberry and apple crumble.


If you look carefully, there are apple trees all around you! Often from discarded apple cores, some of the best apple trees can be found in parks, disused orchards or at places where people stop for lunch. From apples you can make cider, pies, crumbles, chutneys and more!


These small, dark purple berries hang in clusters and can be found in woodland and  hedgerows across the country. Not sure what to do with them? They are often used in spiced winter drinks, liqueurs, pies, jellies and pies! 


These nuts are quite common, and can be found in woods hedgerows and gardens. You can pick them when they are still green, earlier in the season, you can shell them and eat them straight away! However, stick them in the oven and roast them to make them into a delicious snack, or even turn them into hazelnut butter!


Autumn is the perfect time to go hunting for Mermaids Purses on the shoreline! Mermaids Purses are the eggcases laid by sharks, that act as a life support machine for the young until they have grown enough to leave the eggcase. The eggcase is then discarded and is often washed ashore in stormy weather, ready to be found on the coastline.

Why collect eggcases? The Sharks Trust are asking people to take part in the Great Eggcase Hunt to help them to identify the distribution of Sharks around the UK, and any rise or decline in shark numbers. These numbers will then help them to work on the best conservation methods and which areas to designate as Marine Conservation Zones. Collect eggcases, use the Identification Guide, then record your findings on their database!

Read our blog post to find out more, or head to their website to find out more!


Autumn is the perfect time to surf – the Summer visitors have gone home, the water is at its warmest, and the waves are still good. Grab your wetsuit and board, head down to the beach and make the most of the warm water, empty car park and decent swell!

If the waves aren’t great, don’t worry! Why not take a walk along the beach instead, taking in the fresh air and sea breeze, and while you’re there take part in a Mini Beach Clean? We all love the British coastline, so we need to protect it! every piece of litter you pick up from our coastline is a piece less to go into our ecosystem and potentially damage the marine life, so pick up any litter you come across on your walk and recycle as much of it as you can.


So what are you waiting for? Get outdoors this weekend in your Saltrock hoodies and jumpers and head to your nearest autumn woodlands or to the coast and live for the open spaces with Saltrock!