Andrei Burton's Guinness World Record Attempt @RideLondon

Saltrock ambassador and top UK trials and stunt rider Andrei Burton returns to this weekend’s Prudential RideLondon to showcase his breath-taking tricks in the urban trials obstacle course at the Green Park Festival Zone. Burton will kick start the Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle at 09:00 on Saturday 30 July by attempting to break three Guinness World Records.


Saltrock Ambassador Andrei Burton  will be attempting to break Guinness World Records for the highest vertical drop on a bicycle onto a target, the highest bicycle side hop and the most bicycle wheelie hops in 30 seconds.

Andrei already holds four world records but will be attempting to break a few more @RideLondon.

The Guinness World Record attempts include:

- The highest vertical drop on a bicycle onto a target.

- The highest bicycle side hop.

- The most bicycle wheelie hops in 30 seconds.

Explaining a bit more about what the record attempts will involve, he says: “The wheelie hops mean that I’ll have to hop on the back wheel as many times as possible for 30 seconds, which is going to be pretty interesting. You just have to keep going as fast as possible so it’s pretty straight forward!

“The highest bicycle side hop is literally starting from a standstill and jumping up onto a platform – it’s as simple as that. It’s just outright power and the record for that is 1.55m so just over shoulder height for an average person. And for the highest vertical drop, I’ll be doing it from a standing start onto a flat floor.”

Burton will be looking to break the world records at 09:00 in Green Park, using a newly-crafted trials arena sponsored by Buxton Natural Mineral Water, before he and his team take to the arena at 11:30 in the Urban Trials Competition.

Some of the best stunt cyclists in the world will be tackling all kinds of challenges on, over and through replica buildings and structures from the town of Buxton, in the Peak District, for a place in the final at 13:30.

“We’ve got some incredible riders coming to Prudential RideLondon this year,” says Burton. “We’ve got the Chinese champion – he’s flying in especially just for RideLondon; the Brazilian champion and the nine-time world champion Kenny Belaey, who is the best of the best and a very big name.”

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