Andrei Burton fights for a place in the Ninja Warrior final this Saturday!

This Saturday night, Saltrock's own Andrei Burton will fight it out for a place in the Ninja Warrior final.

Based on Japanese TV show Sasuke, Ninja Warrior UK features a broad range of competitors from athletes to everyday people to celebrities, all pitting themselves against a course of seemingly impossible obstacles which test their speed, strength and agility.

Andrei is an internationally successful trials rider and was stoked to be selected to take on the challenge, but he wasn’t sure how he would perform this season as until two weeks before filming his foot had been in plaster following an accident on the set of Top Gear Live.

“I’d only just had the cast taken off so I hadn’t been able to train properly,” explains Andrei. “A car ran over my foot and broke three bones which was unbelievably frustrating as I wanted to be in the best possible shape for the competition. I trained as much as I could but with one leg in plaster but it was mostly upper body work so I had no idea how well I’d do.”

Even so, Andrei was the first to complete the course and came third in his heat which put him straight through to the semi-finals. Andrei will appear in the second semi-final which will air on Saturday 6th February.

“The course was harder this year,” Andrei explains. “The jumps were bigger, the walls were higher. I was really pleased with my time, I think because of the broken foot I put less pressure on myself and just thought, let’s see what happens. So I just went for it and had a great time, and it worked!”

With only two days between filming the heats and the semi-final Andrei didn’t get much time to recover before he was facing an even more challenging course.

“The semi-final course is really tough, but I loved it. Of course all the athletes were competitive but quite a few of us knew each other already so there was a friendly atmosphere on the set. You don’t get to see that side of it on TV but we’re all really supportive of each other and excited to see each other do well.”

But as for how well he does in the semi-final, his lips are sealed.

“You’ll have to watch the show,” he says with a smile.

Tune in at 7pm on Saturday 6th February to see how he gets on.