5 International Surfers To Follow On Instagram

If ethereal ocean shots, edgy surfboard artwork and closer-than-you’d-believe shark encounters get your pulse racing, the instagram accounts of the world’s professional surfers can be addictive places to hang out in. Here are five with the best wow factor.


Andrew Cotton @andrew_cotty

He says he’s not a thrill seeker, but this fearless surfer’s 19.6 thousand instagram followers may think otherwise. In between cute family photos, find thrilling images of Andrew riding the waves of Mullaghmore, Ireland and the tow-in surfing mecca of Nazaré Portugal, where he injured his shoulder while conquering over 60ft peaks. It’s partly his near-death experience that inspired this former plumber to pursue his documentary Behind the Lines. The new series goes deeper into the big wave seasons over the past few years and investigates reasons behind ‘extreme’ behaviours such as pro surfing. It has been released on the Red Bull website, along with his new short film "Beneath the Surface".  Disclosure: Andrew is one of Saltrock’s brand ambassadors and we just adore him!


Jeremy Flores @floresjeremy

Those who love time lapse photography and slow-mo video as much as they love surfing won’t hang about in joining this Frenchman’s epic 168,000+ following.

Because time lapses of burnt red suns sinking into the horizon are as much a focus in this corner of cyberspace as this dude’s emerald green tube shots and highlights of his competition heats. Expect motivational quotes and a few fitness videos in between.


Jordy Smith @jordysmith88

The pops of colour are high when you follow insta-surfer Jordy Smith. This World Championship competitor from South Africa travels to some of the most tropical corners of the world. From swell-seeking in Tahiti, to slow-mo vids in Durban, the instagrams from this adrenaline-junkie makes surfing look well, easy.

But mixed in with snaps of his beautiful wife and videos of surfboard construction, prepare for close-ups of his surfing injuries too – ouch. With the odd Psycho 3 mockup and silly faces thrown in between, Jordy’s a fun one to follow.


Kelly Slater @kellyslater

He’s been named the best surfer of all time so expect Go Pro surf shots of equally epic, and dangerous, proportions. With a whopping 1.8m followers, Kelly’s best insta posts come from Tavarua in Fiji, and Western Australia. It’s on the Ozzie shores where his most terrifying pictures have been captured. Check out his video hashtagged #GreatWhite and watch carefully for the sharp-toothed predator that swims past – yes this is for real. It’s no wonder he picks up more than 50,000 likes at a time.


Reubyn Ash @reubynash

By his 18th Birthday, Reubyn Ash had 10 British titles to his name and he’s been hailed by many as the best surfer in the UK, and perhaps even Europe. But is this wave chaser’s instagram account as impressive as his collection of trophies? The answer is a resounding yes. His 12,100+ followers log in for everything from impressive air flip videos, to incredible action photos captured by professional photographers. Expect plenty from his surf seasons in Indonesia, river surfing in Munich and a few artistic travel shots thrown in for good measure. With hashtags like #lovinglife and #thegoodlife, you know this surf pro is happiest when it’s him and his board.