Saltrock Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors embody the Saltrock spirit and share a passion for adventure, a drive to succeed, a great sense of humour and a commitment to an active, outdoor lifestyle. Whether it’s pushing themselves to their physical limits or inspiring people to fall in love with sport, our Ambassadors promote strength and happiness and a life full of #SaltrockSoul. And most importantly of all, Saltrock Ambassadors are genuine, passionate people who live life to the fullest and inspire others to stay true to their dreams.

Andrew 'Cotty' Cotton

North Devon’s popular local figure and devoted family guy Andrew “Cotty” Cotton is the UK’s most successful big wave surfer. He received international recognition after surfing one of the biggest waves in Nazare, Portugal which earned him a Billabong XXL nomination for the biggest wave (otherwise known as the Oscars of surfing). He spends most of his time chasing the biggest swells around the world alongside looking after his two adorable children Ace and Honey with wife Katie. 

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Andrei Burton

The charming and inspirational Andrei has been dominating the mountain bike scene for the last 10 years. He started competing aged 13 and since then has gone from strength to strength. Now one of the most successful professional mountain bike athletes in the UK, he is ranked number 1 in the UK and number 10 in the world, holds several Guinness World Records, rides for the Top Gear Live World Tour and competes for Team GB. A natural showman, his dare-devil stunts are real edge-of-seat stuff and amazing to watch. 

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Jenna Goddard

“Fitness, Food and Fun” are the three ingredients which make Jenna tick. She discovered her passion for climbing in her early twenties and has been climbing up the ranks since then, now competing as one of the UK’s top women’s climbers. A furniture maker by trade, Jenna pursued a full time career in climbing, sports training and food nutrition last year. She trains 2 to 3 hours a day to get her in peak physical condition. 

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Claire Smail

Claire Smail is the current British Women’s Longboarding Champion. She didn’t start surfing until she was 16 but was hooked immediately and has never looked back. Claire works in education which allows her to use her creative and artistic skills and also gives her holiday time to surf and travel to explore new waves. During term time she lives in North Devon which gives her a wealth of surf spots on her doorstep. Claire is very talented and driven and is living her dream; she is also super modest, friendly and down to earth which makes her the perfect Saltrock Ambassador.