10 Things you need to know about surfing if you’re a beginner

Are you thinking of squeezing into a wetsuit and taking the plunge with a surfboard this summer? If so, there may be some surprises waiting for you before you even get to ride bombs (big waves) or snappers (small waves). Here’s our list of the top ten things you need to know.

1. There’s no age limit to surfing

You can start surfing at any age. “The younger you start the easier it is to learn ­- but you are never too old,” says Scott Marshall, a surf instructor at Bude Surfing Experience. “We teach anyone from as young as five-year-olds and have even had an 84-year-old surfing.”

2. Bikinis and surfboards don’t mix

Hollywood might have you believe that it’s perfectly normal to surf in a bikini, but just try it and you’ll quickly want to cover up. Constant wipe-outs and climbing back on to the surfboard as well as just sitting on it waiting for a wave can rub your skin in some uncomfortable places, so wear a wetsuit. Once you become a pro however, you may opt for ‘boardies’ all the way – even in our UK Summer’s…

3. Wetsuits are tricky beasts

One of the hardest parts of your surfing lesson will happen before you even get in the water. “It is surprisingly difficult to get into a wetsuit when putting one on for the first time,” says Marshall. “It feels very strange at first because it sucks everything in.” On the plus side, once you’ve wriggled into it your wetsuit will protect your skin and keep you warm. It also does a good job of tucking in any unsightly bulges!

4. It can change your life

When you first take to the waves with your surfboard you’ll be lying down, but you’ll be amazed how quickly you can get to your feet. “Often, after just one lesson we see students standing up and actually riding waves,” says Darren Burrett, head coach at Surf South West. “It’s worth every struggling moment to persevere because the first time you successfully catch a wave, it’s a life-changing moment.”

5. Snowboarding won’t help you

Many first-time surfers believe that their experience of ‘surfing on snow’ with a snowboard will mean they take to surfing like a duck to water. It isn’t the case. In fact, snowboarding experience can be a hindrance as your feet are strapped to the board. In surfing making small adjustments to your position on the board with your feet is essential while many snowboarders have to overcome their instinct to keep their feet rooted to the board.

6. Keep your mouth closed

We don’t mean about the best surfing spots, although you may not want to share them when you find them. Keeping your mouth closed is a lesson most students learn the hard way because you will spend a lot of time wiping out and keeping your mouth closed could just help stop you from swallowing a lot of sea water.

7. You can surf in the shallows

“You don’t need to go any further than waist deep to catch waves,” says Marshall. “If you paddle straight out to sea without knowing the beach you can get into trouble especially if you don’t know how the currents work. The waves can knock you back and take you sideways. It is important to keep your feet on the ground when you are not catching waves because rips can take you out to sea.”

8. Choosing the right wave is harder than standing up

Standing up and learning to ride a wave is the easy part. “Knowing which wave to catch is difficult without experience,” says Marshall. Eventually you will learn to judge which are the ones to ride and those you should avoid.

Catching your first wave is an amazing experience;  from that moment you’re hooked. So the only thing left is for you to get out there and give it a go! Remember to persevere and keep at it- but most importantly, enjoy!

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May madness continues as we set to open our 34th Saltrock store in Lymington this Saturday! Find us on 124 High Street where we will be joined by the lovely Heart Angels who will be handing out Saltrock goodies to get you in the festive spirit.

June is just around the corner, so what better reason to come in store to spruce up your summer wardrobe with one (or two) of our graphic tee’s, a pretty dress or a casual hoodie.  Whether you’re an adventure-seeker, beach-goer, or just enjoy a jolly at your local pub- we offer a wide range of high quality clothing and accessories for all occasions at standout prices!

It been a hugely exciting time as our Saltrock community continues to grow by the day. We have recently teamed up with international big wave rider and local hero Andrew Cotton, who joins trials biker Andrei Burton as our second Saltrock ambassador. Both guys are legendary in their sports and we are stoked to have them on board!

Lymington is the perfect location for Saltrock, with an active community and beautiful coastline. We can’t wait to welcome existing and new customers to the store to enjoy our huge summer collection for men, women and children- so make sure you get down early and don’t miss out!

To show our appreciation to all Saltrock Facebook fans we have a special opening offer- get £5 off when you spend £35 in store! It couldn’t be easier to claim your discount, either print this page or display it on your smartphone or tablet at the checkout and leave the rest to us.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Saltrock Lymington
124 High Street
SO41 9AQ

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Saltrock goes extreme with big wave surfer Andrew Cotton

Andrew Cotton, Saltrock Ambassador

If you recently read that we joined forces with trials bike rider Andrei Burton you’ll be stoked to hear we’ve also teamed up with none other than big wave surfer Andrew Cotton!

Sponsored by Red Bull and now by Saltrock, North Devon’s Cotty is the UK’s most successful big wave surfer. Nominated for the highly esteemed Billabong XXL biggest wave award in 2012 and 2014, he is a devoted family man and popular local figure who spends much of his time chasing the biggest swells around the world.

Cotty's currently chasing swells in Mexico

His ultimate goal? To break the big wave world record which currently stands at a whopping 78ft.

If you haven’t seen it, take a look at this phenomenal wave in Nazaré Portugal where Cotton stole headlines around the world.

Want to see more of Cotty’s dare-devil ways? Good, because we’ve got them coming your way, on this blog, very soon.

As our new brand ambassador, Cotty will be treating the Saltrock community to exclusive video footage of his life as a big wave surfer and you may just find him popping up at Saltrock events this year too!

In the words of Andrew himself: “We’ve got some exciting things coming up, so watch this space.”


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Saltrock sponsors the Aspiration Round Britain Challenge

Crew of the Aspiration Round Britain Challenge in their brand new Saltrock kit

A crew from South Devon College’s Noss Marine Academy are getting ready to set sail non-stop around the coast of Great Britain.

The crew taking on the challenge in Aspiration, a 38ft yacht previously raced by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Edward and King Constantine of Greece. The crew of 11 will leave Dartmouth on Sunday 24th May and expect the challenge to take 14 – 20 days meaning they should arrive back in Dartmouth between 7th and 14th June.

Saltrock Dartmouth was happy to sponsor the challenge and provide the crew with a variety of Saltrock products to keep them warm and comfortable throughout the journey.

They will keep us posted on their progress via a live tracker, and they’ve promised us lots of updates and photos from the challenge.

Good luck Team Aspiration!

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Save £5 when you spend £35 at the opening of Saltrock Swanage this Saturday!

Saltrock opens in Swanage this Saturday - join us in Station Road!

Saltrock Swanage opens this Saturday and Facebook fans can save £5 when you spend £35 on opening day!

It’s another exciting month for us here at Saltrock as we’re set to open the doors to our brand new store in Swanage this Saturday. Located at 39 Station Road, we will be open from 9am for customers to enjoy great prices on all clothing for the whole family and for Facebook fans only there is the chance to save £5 when you spend £35 on opening day only. Read More »

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Saltrock supports Brixham’s Shoalstone Pool

Fantastic community efforts each Spring ensure that the iconic Shoalstone Sea Water Pool in Brixham is cleaned, repaired and ready to open completely free of charge each summer season, providing a superb local resource which is hugely popular with for both locals and visitors alike.

Read More »

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